Can you reason?

  • Here we have a conversation that really did not go anywhere. I am not sure why I even bothered with this one. Save to give you gentle reader, the best christians the net chats can offer! Enjoy!!!!

  • azubix: Do u know Jesus can set u free from all ur problem
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: no, jesus is a myth. sorry.
    azubix: Let me tell u i was once a satanist.
    azubix: I was into all kind of cultism
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: let me tell you i was once a christian
    azubix: But when i met Him my life was transformed
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: so it matters little what you were.
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: in fact, claiming you were a satanist, means you never really were a real satanist. you are just saying that to garner sympathy and get someone to listen to your myth.

    azubix: If u r goin' thru any kind of problem.i'm here 2 tell u He can set u free
    azubix: Probably, u were not in rlship with Him
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: keep the buzz shit going, all that will do is get you ignored. now back your myth up please...
    azubix: .U may b a christian even b4 Jesus was born but the fact still remain that He can set u free
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: and the fact still remains you are an ape for jesus, try to think for yourself, and then get back to me.
    azubix: I pray He will deliver u.
    azubix: B'cos the path u r threading is the path of destruction
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: and you know this how? now back up your myth, can you?
    azubix: Where r u from?though it's got nothing 2 do with u but
    azubix: So u think esus is a mythJ
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: so you think jesus is real?
    azubix: well thebible say the fools says in their heart there is No God
    azubix: Actually,i don't have to back up ur myth but just know that the path you are threading is that of a fool
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: well the bible says..... try again, that or establish the bible is a realiable book.
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: and what does you bible say about calling a person a fool?
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: do you even know your bible?

    azubix: And i pray 4 u that He will set u free
    azubix: If i can't pull you out i will not allow you to pull me in.aight
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: what the hell is aight? some new secret sheep slang?
    azubix: Presently,i'm a graduate from The university
    azubix: I'm about to start my master degree from clarkson university.Is that okay with you.
    azubix: There's a way that seems right to a man but the end is destruction
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: lol sure what ever. what did you major in? ebonics? like i said, back your myth up. establish your bible as reliable. establish your god as being extant.
    azubix: Alright,
    azubix: Just hold on for a second
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: stop the buzz shit, and prove your god, one more buzz, and i will ignore you faster than you can think.
    azubix: well i'm not calling you a fool but all i said was that the path you are threading is that of a fool
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: that is the same thing....
    azubix: It's in the bible
    azubix: so what?
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: lol yes it is, and you called me a fool.... and what does your bible say about that?
    azubix: I'm aware it's written in the bible
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: how well do you know your bible?
    azubix: well to be precise i gave my life to jesus last 2years
    azubix: And He's been awesome to me
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: and this says what? nothing more than you had a change made in your life because you adopted a new belief, and credit that for the reason.
    azubix: Thats why i want you to accept Him and let HIM DO WONDERS in your life
    my_cock_is_your_god_yo: lol wrong. just because you claim it, does not mean it is so. you need to learn to back you position logically, and stop appeals to what ever you think will make your position valid.

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