The Wall of Sheep Grows and Grows and.....

  • Well, here we have the final part of the multiple Wall of Sheep postings. This was taken from a very long chat I had in the Christian Chat rooms in Yahoo, broken down into smaller parts. The different subjects covered during this long chat have been grouped, and edited for better reading. This one is kinda long, but worth the read! Keep checking back for the Wall of Sheep!

  • squirrel624: menzke yes.
    menzke: Why Squirrel
    menzke: What made you think you were a Christian?
    aliciainc: OF course they can, but when one has devoted his life to studying the Word and teaching others, it must be wrenching to lose that faith.
    aliciainc: I just wondered what caused it. Inaccuracies in the Bible? Evil in the world?
    squirrel624: what made me think that I was a Christian?
    menzke: You said you were a Christian
    menzke: were you a Christian?
    menzke: now you don't believe in God?
    squirrel624: yeppers.. You got it.
    menzke: Why did you think you were a Christian?
    aliciainc: Squirrel, do you believe in Satan?
    fone_bone_2001: What happened, Squirrel? Just curious.
    menzke: I mean if you don't believe in God then you don't believe in what you preached?
    squirrel624: alicainic... no I do not
    squirrel624: menzke at the time I preached I believed it
    squirrel624: fone... I deconverted

    dat_curry2hot: what kind of church were you in squirrel?
    menzke: OK
    squirrel624: dat southern Baptist..
    dat_curry2hot: did you consider yourself born again at the time?
    squirrel624: dat.. Yes I did.
    dat_curry2hot: what in your experience convinced you of that Sq.
    squirrel624: dat, sorry, I know the line of reasoning here...
    fone_bone_2001: Well, there are a couple theories about whether you can lose your salvation: two that I know of are OSAS and OSNAS. They stand for "Once saved, always saved" and "Once saved, not always saved."
    dat_curry2hot: well, either you were born again ...right...and fell away....or never were...thats what I was trying to guage Sq
    fone_bone_2001: OSAS Christians generally believes that if someone falls away, they were never saved in the first place. OSNAS Christians generally believe you can lose your salvation, even if you were saved once. If you fall away, for example.
    squirrel624: like I said dat, I know your line of reasoning,.....
    squirrel624: a no true Scotsman, I was never really saved in the first place blah blah blah....
    squirrel624: for the most part, the southern Baptists are OSAS...
    dat_curry2hot: well, the OSAS says about the backslider who no longer believes...He was never really saved...otherwise he would not be where he was
    squirrel624: dat... thus the reason why your line of questioning is moot for me.
    squirrel624: what people never consider though, is that the belief could be false, and with the realization of this, the person falls out of it... this scares the majority of believers
    because if I can lose "my" faith, then it very possible for then to lose theirs. Also they are more concerned that I lost the faith they adhere to, and not that I no longer believe in their god

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