The Wall of Sheep Grows!

  • Well, here we have the first part of possibly multiple sheep postings. This was taken from a very long chat I had in the Christian Chat rooms in Yahoo, broken down into smaller parts. The different subjects covered during this long chat have been grouped, and edited for better reading. Keep checking back for the Wall of Sheep!

  • squirrel624: i have never really figured out why people pray, it sounds hoaky, and like an all knowing all powerful being is going to let a mere human influence this beings actions.
    squirrel624: in fact there is not one reason to believe in the jesus concept of god.
    squirrel624: name one reason to believe in jesus?

    grace2u2: LIFE
    grace2u2: you are alive
    squirrel624: jesus is a myth
    squirrel624:jesus couldnt save himself
    grace2u2: PEACE
    grace2u2: JOY
    grace2u2: HOPE
    galtex2102: he has saved us from sin & death
    grace2u2: LOVE
    grace2u2: COMFORT
    grace2u2: STRENGTH
    squirrel624: one solid reason to believe in jesus so far all you have given me are reasons that
    may convince you, but to me they are meaningless....

    grace2u2: Can't have joy, peace, nor hope if you continued to live in sin.
    prayer4you2002: Jesus is not a myth he is as real as you or even more real
    grace2u2: ...JUST to name a few....take your pick!
    squirrel624: funny thing is this: I have all those things you listed in my life. All without your Jesus.
    ahab_kol: squirrel, 1 reason is because He loved you enough to die so you wouldn't have to for eternity.
    prayer4you2002: He is a perfect person
    squirrel624: ahab.. you believe this, but this does not make it so,.
    squirrel624: How do u know jesus never lied or sinned??

    prayer4you2002: The bible says and I know Jesus and he is perfect
    squirrel624: in fact there is absolutely no reason to buy into the christian myth.
    squirrel624 prayer4you : jesus himself said he is not perfect !!
    prayer4you2002: Faith keeps me beliving in a perfect Jesus
    squirrel624: prayer4you:... please establish your bible is reliable....
    grace2u2: squirrel, you are willing to be OPPOSED to LIFE, that sounds quite foolish....
    prayer4you2002: THAT IS A LIE!!!!!!!!
    prayer4you2002: JESUS IS GOD
    prayer4you2002: and he did not ever say that
    squirrel624: grace... how do you figure i am opposed to life?
    prayer4you2002: Do not talk about Jesus like that! one day you see the evil in that
    squirrel624: i am alive, and i am happy, and fulfilled, all without the myth of jesus
    prayer4you2002: Jesus is real
    squirrel624: prayer4you: prove it please.
    prayer4you2002: he is alive and risen from the dead the goodness of JEsus lives in my heart
    grace2u2: You are the WALKING DEAD, squirrel...all you see is ALL you get...personally, I think this world is NOT enough.
    squirrel624: just because you believe it does not mean a thing
    prayer4you2002: I know he is real. I feel him and see all the goodnes he has done for me and the world around me
    prayer4you2002: he created the earth, and the heavens
    squirrel624: prayer, all you are giving me is subjective emotion based drivel... prove he is real...
    prayer4you2002: and He is the best man ever in the world. He brings us salvation if we just ask him
    prayer4you2002: OK Squrrel PROVE TO ME he is not real
    squirrel624: prayer... offer proof and your wishful thinking. You claim he is real. I do not.
    prayer4you2002: I feel him and talk to him. I see the goodnes in my life everyday
    squirrel624: prayer, I do not claim he is real. you have to show me he is real....
    squirrel624: prayer, personal experience is worthless
    prayer4you2002: Did you know faith is as strong if not stronger than the lies told by non belivers
    ahab_kol: squirrel, the Bible says that even nature proves God is God
    prayer4you2002: Jesus is the reason we are all here
    grace2u2: God is the ONLY ONE who will reveal HIMSELF to those He calls and has chosen, squirrel....THAT is a GIFT of ETERNAL LIFE, it will be sad, but NOT ALL will believe and be saved...could that be YOU who will be among the persishing?
    grace2u2: I hope not,
    squirrel624: grace2u2: I see you have to resort to threats to get the message of Jesus out.
    willie383: the burden of proof lays upon the accusers
    prayer4you2002: Jesus IS RISEN
    squirrel624: till then, the bible means little
    squirrel624: prayer... you cannot prove it can you?

    prayer4you2002: and he knows all even the bad things you are saying about him
    grace2u2: FAITH .....squirrel, it takes FAITH to believe the "unbelievable"
    squirrel624: prayer are you talking about santa claus?
    prayer4you2002: Just have the heart to let him in and you will get your proof of him being real
    squirrel624: so prayer I just have to believe Jesus is real, and then I will believe Jesus is real.. okay
    prayer4you2002: Just be brave not a coward
    squirrel624: grace, so in other words, just believe without proof... or wishful thinking... okay
    prayer4you2002: Yes Jesus is here with me always
    squirrel624: prayer... that is funny
    prayer4you2002: in my heart and by my side
    prayer4you2002: Its not funny
    galtex2102: why cling
    prayer4you2002: Its truth
    squirrel624: prayer... yes it is funny.
    prayer4you2002: No
    prayer4you2002: Jesus is not funny
    jdyer04938: squirrel where is your proof that jesus is not real
    squirrel624: funny and your belief, not a truth
    squirrel624: jd i make no claim that jesus is real. i do not believe in jesus, i have nothing to show or prove,
    grace2u2: He BELEIVES the LIES of the enemy of his soul.....the FATHER of LIES and his children who will perish with him....
    prayer4you2002: all I can tell you squirrel is that you are wrong. Open your heart to the man who died for us on the cross and saved us from sin
    squirrel624: i see no reason at all to believe in jesus.
    squirrel624: for any reason

    jdo4031: Squ do you like to read
    grace2u2: And so you sall PERISH in your sins, squirrel.
    squirrel624: jdo yeah
    squirrel624: grace... more threats, because your position is a faith based position, and pointless.
    jdo4031: squ check out the case for christ
    prayer4you2002: ONe day you will wish that you belived in Jesus because HE IS COMMING BACK|
    squirrel624: yes jdo by lee stroebel
    prayer4you2002: and He will let it be known that he is heree
    grace2u2: I am not making threats, Just telling the TRUTH of the Bible, GOD"S words to mankind.
    jdo4031: have you read it
    prayer4you2002: the earth will be a place no man will want to live one
    squirrel624: a joke of a book, he never even presents the counter points this search,a nd asks only the
    squirrel624: believers, and no skeptics.
    prayer4you2002: The bible is the only real truth we have.
    squirrel624: jdo that is like saying josh mcdowell is a serious scholar....
    squirrel624: prayer... i ahve a question for you....

    prayer4you2002: Jeus is a real person and will come back for his church.
    squirrel624: think you could answer me?
    prayer4you2002: If you are left here during the 7 years that satan rules the world you will be praying to Jesus without help


  • To be continued.......

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