What the hell?

  • Well now, here we have us another typical sheep. It seems, that the majority of christendom is made up of these "milk christians" and they are more of a laugh, than a witness for their jeezus. Enjoy this one! My responses will be in BOLD.

  • squirrel624: you ever going to answer? or just drone on is scriptures?
    vicar7: either one
    vicar7: but what is your question
    squirrel624: well i addressed a few things you said in the room, seems as if you would not answer any of them....
    vicar7: Oh what book right?
    vicar7: I will be more attentive
    squirrel624: is that how you chirstians deal with non belivers?
    vicar7: been distracted here
    vicar7: like how?
    squirrel624: you invoked the design argument
    squirrel624: i addressed that, you ignored my answer to it
    squirrel624: can you prove the universe had a creator? let alone your god as the creator?

    vicar7: we need to be attentive answer questions but able to not argue with them and cause them to hate us
    vicar7: do it graciously
    vicar7: kindly with respect
    squirrel624: 1 peter 3:15 calls you to answer me, with humbleness and meekness....
    vicar7: even though we may not get respect
    vicar7: agreed how am I doing
    squirrel624: not very well, way to evasive
    vicar7: give me a question?
    vicar7: Let me have it
    vicar7: lol
    vicar7: I am prepared and even attentive now
    squirrel624: can you prove the universe was created?
    squirrel624: let alone by your god?

    vicar7: no
    squirrel624: okay, so then, why use the argument?
    vicar7: however logically if everything else have a designer it is not a stretch to believe that the Universe had a designer
    vicar7: logically right?
    squirrel624: agreed, but then your designer needs a designer
    squirrel624: and so on,
    squirrel624: no special pleading "an uncaused cause"

    vicar7: name something that was created that did not have a creator
    squirrel624: in fact, if design needs an intelligent designer, each designer would need a designer more intelligent than the one designed....
    vicar7: sure
    squirrel624: ad infinitum
    vicar7: So are you a believer in Jesus
    squirrel624: no, i am an athiest
    squirrel624: there is no reason to believe in jesus

    vicar7: It is my prayer that there will be someday
    vicar7: we never respond til we see the need
    squirrel624: there will be what? a reason to believe?
    vicar7: the designer made us that way
    vicar7: yes
    squirrel624: you have failed to establish the existence of a designer...
    squirrel624: what possible reason is there to believe in jesus?

    vicar7: It is not my job to establish fact but to share Jesus and make you think
    vicar7: evolution take much more faith to believe actually
    squirrel624: well i have thought, and there is no valid reason to believe in jesus at all
    squirrel624: do not assume i believe in evolution..
    vicar7: Jesus died for your sin and has a better plan for your life and mine
    squirrel624: and how do you know that he died for us?
    vicar7: because he said so and his Word is not only good history but His Word
    squirrel624: please dont say the bible
    squirrel624: you are claiming the bible as historical?

    vicar7: squirrel I will let you go now cuz I only spend so much time down this road
    squirrel624: or is it you let me go because you cannot reason your faith?
    vicar7: however if you wish to email me vicar7@hotmail.com
    vicar7: No just that I have to be wise how I spend the time
    squirrel624: you can check out my faulty logic at www.squirrelsisland.com
    vicar7: but I need to use my time here wisely
    squirrel624: oh i see... the proselyzation of the word...
    vicar7: arguing is often not that
    squirrel624: we are not arguing,
    vicar7: planting seeds
    vicar7: really
    squirrel624: here you have the chance to back up the reasons you attempt to plant seeds....
    vicar7: based on what you have seen How does one become a Christian?
    squirrel624: against a former christian, and more....
    vicar7: kinda a survey
    squirrel624: well you want the text book answer?
    vicar7: tell how humor me
    squirrel624: depends....
    vicar7: Choose one
    squirrel624: basically accept jesus as your personal lord and savior...
    vicar7: amen
    squirrel624: southern baptist way...
    vicar7: well you are getting the message
    vicar7: that is good then you are accountable
    squirrel624: no, you are mistaken, I know the christian speak and the thought patterns but, still there is no reason to believe in jesus
    vicar7: I work at a homeless mission
    squirrel624: i told you i was once a christian
    vicar7: share just that everynight
    squirrel624: jesus is myth
    vicar7: aah you just need to repent you walked away
    vicar7: I did that for twenty year myself
    vicar7: sad but true
    vicar7: god will call you back
    vicar7: he will give you a reason
    vicar7: I will pray for just that
    vicar7: You and I knew or in your case know the truth God will or has in me case given us reason to believe in and trust him
    squirrel624: ummm what part of "there is no reason to believe in god " did you not understand?
    vicar7: there will be one in the future God desire none to perish right?
    squirrel624: no, if god did not intend any one to perish, then there would be no reason for his strong arm salvation right?
    vicar7: that is why Jesus came you know all this though
    squirrel624: there is no proof for jesus coming anywhere
    squirrel624: and i think you know this as well.

    vicar7: i knew it for twenty year very stubborn
    squirrel624: you believe it to be true, nothing more.
    vicar7: who said my God my God why hast thou forsaken me?
    squirrel624: there is no solid proof, that is why the christian religion is a faith based religion
    squirrel624: well when you read one of the gospels, jesus, but when you read the others he said something different...
    squirrel624: which is it?
    vicar7: Actually not Jesus you know at least not first
    squirrel624: plus, if jesus was god, then how could he forsake himself?
    vicar7: psalm 22 describes crucifixion 700 year before it happened
    vicar7: Bible is amazing
    vicar7: but you know this stuff
    vicar7: Baptist know the Word
    vicar7: even former Baptists
    squirrel624: no it does not.----
    squirrel624: if you would read the bible in the proper context, you would see it is a psalm of lamentation, and not a prophecy of anyting
    squirrel624: also you would know the translation of verse 16 is like a lion

    vicar7: cast lots for his garment
    vicar7: lion of Judah
    vicar7: lots of references to Jesus
    squirrel624: again you fail to read the bible in context, there is no messianic prophecy there in psalms 22...
    vicar7: bible mixes current events with future all the time
    vicar7: you know this stuffl and you will be held accountable
    squirrel624: you cannot even read the bible in itsy proper context, so how do you know i will be held accountable?
    vicar7: God will put you in such a postition when it is clear you must accept or reject his calling
    vicar7: when he does you will know
    squirrel624: tell you what, you give me a jesus prophecy, and i will tell you whether or not it is one using only the bible.... how does that sound?
    vicar7: whether you respond is a whole nother ballgame
    squirrel624: wanna try the virgin birth?
    vicar7: Isa 9:6 right
    squirrel624: 9:6?
    vicar7: 7:14
    vicar7: I forget
    squirrel624: yes 7 :14...but 9:6 is not one either
    vicar7: my Bible program crashed
    vicar7: but I do not bleame the devil for that
    squirrel624: 9:6 is not one either
    vicar7: just Microsoft some people think that is the same thing
    squirrel624: jesus was never a king...
    squirrel624: and he was not of the line of david...

    vicar7: wrong
    squirrel624: oh?
    squirrel624: sooooooo how was he of the line of daivd?

    vicar7: if he was not then we have to throw the bible out
    vicar7: but you know this
    squirrel624: well, jospeh was not his father, his father was "himself" so he is of another tribe, plus there is two non jew women is his ancestry, which counts him out as being a jew....
    vicar7: not true then many jew would be messed up cuz they were very intermingled
    vicar7: Hitler definition was could not be SS unless you were pure to 1750
    vicar7: for an officer 1700
    squirrel624: blood is traced through the mother.... tribe through the father... by the blood of mary, he would not qualify as anything but a jew even though there are non jew women in his ancestry so he would not even count as a jew, as the blood of joseph.. he would be of davids line.. but he was not the son of joseph... even if he was there is no less than two cursed men in his line, that no one of their fruit would ever sit in the throne of david,
    vicar7: like I said I wasting me time here
    vicar7: you know what to do many do not
    squirrel624: no, you just met someone who knows the bible better than you do, and the religion as well.
    vicar7: i need to be moving on
    vicar7: you do not know the author
    vicar7: but you know how to be introduced
    squirrel624: which one? there are no less than 35 over a period of 1500 years...
    vicar7: many do not
    vicar7: There is one that os God through the ministry of the Holy Spirit
    squirrel624: nope... your HS is not consistant in the religions of christendom either...
    vicar7: Got to go
    squirrel624: take care, and learn about your bible and god a little more.
    vicar7: you to may God and Jesus put in a postion to be blessed

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