Can you reason?

  • Okay, now this one here is a long one, but it is worth it gentle reader! This one is a nut case to say the least! The whole thing started out from him saying he heard an audiable voice of god, and me asking more about it.. then it got real interesting...enjoy!

  • squircifer: what did the voice of god sound like?
    kenny53m: a sweet loving father
    squircifer: deep high? how?
    kenny53m: middle
    kenny53m: airy
    squircifer: did anyone else hear this voice?
    kenny53m: extremely comforting
    kenny53m: and in the same instant, he touched my heart
    kenny53m: I have made no mistake
    squircifer: how do you actually know?
    squircifer: it could have been something else, right?
    kenny53m: no
    kenny53m: that was only the first time
    kenny53m: there have been others since
    kenny53m: he made me a prophet
    squircifer: has the voice been the same all the way through?
    kenny53m: yes
    kenny53m: no mistake
    squircifer: so, you have talked to god numerous times, and he has
    answered you. what did you talk about?

    kenny53m: it isn't like that
    kenny53m: he bursts into your life
    kenny53m: and you deal with it
    kenny53m: if you are me I guess
    squircifer: what did you do before he "burst" in? did you pray? fast?
    look for the voice? what?
    kenny53m: I have spent years studying why did he speak to me
    kenny53m: what's up with that
    kenny53m: you want the whole story?
    squircifer: was there any ritual you followed to get these voices to
    talk to you?

    squircifer: if you want sure. i have a bunch of questions though
    kenny53m: no voices
    kenny53m: one voice
    kenny53m: that was audible
    kenny53m: he has always been that, when he wanted to really get my
    kenny53m: audible, that is
    squircifer: so, these occurances happened when ever, or did you do
    anything before hand to get them?

    kenny53m: there was an occurrence, when his spirit in me raised up and
    kenny53m: I couldn't tell any difference, except, that it can from out
    of my heart
    squircifer: so, you spoke with a different voice?
    kenny53m: the others were from out of the air
    squircifer: or your own voice
    squircifer: ?

    kenny53m: no, all the same
    kenny53m: the Bible is true
    kenny53m: God puts his spirit in his children
    kenny53m: ace to you
    kenny53m: sorry, wrong window
    squircifer: wait, you spoke the words of god to others with your own
    voice right, but at other times, you heard gods voice, right?

    kenny53m: listen, I have an extremely unusual testimony
    kenny53m: do you want to hear some of it?
    squircifer: sure.
    kenny53m: I don't think we will get thru all of it today
    squircifer: well break it down into pieces.
    kenny53m: what is with you, anyway?
    kenny53m: are you a believer?
    squircifer: no
    kenny53m: not a believer?
    kenny53m: how old are you?
    squircifer: in my 30's
    kenny53m: I am 50 this year
    kenny53m: I have really believed since 1980
    squircifer: okay
    kenny53m: and in that year, believing became nothing to me
    kenny53m: I no longer had that option
    kenny53m: in that year, he turned me into something unique
    kenny53m: I know
    kenny53m: I have no choice
    kenny53m: everything was in a Biblical context, too
    squircifer: okay
    kenny53m: I thank him, that he chose me for this
    kenny53m: make a specific query, and I will answer
    kenny53m: I do not care right now, to try and recite the time line
    kenny53m: it has been many years and many events
    squircifer: how do you KNOW the bible is true?
    kenny53m: you never thought you would run into someone who would claim
    to be a bonafide prophet, did you
    kenny53m: everything that I have experienced has been verified
    kenny53m: I give you my testimony
    kenny53m: the BBIBLE is TRUE
    squircifer: like what? be specific, and offer proof for them.
    squircifer: your testimony does not verify the bible.

    kenny53m: there is NOTHING I can point to out of my personal experience
    kenny53m: He hid my coming in the Bible
    kenny53m: my name is mentioned there
    kenny53m: if he gives you the eyes and heart to receive it
    kenny53m: none of the current popular evangelists know anything
    kenny53m: they are used of the enemy, Satan
    squircifer: what is your name in the bible, and how can you prove it is
    you in the bible.

    kenny53m: you are just another of the millions /billions opf the earth
    who don't know what is going on
    squircifer: well then, school me in the unknown.
    kenny53m: I was sitting in my chair in my house reading my Bible
    kenny53m: and I was in a BOOK of the BIBLE I never looked at before
    kenny53m: I don't know why
    kenny53m: do you know the Bible
    kenny53m: how it is consctructed, etc
    squircifer: yes, where is your name in it
    kenny53m: In Micah
    Micah 1:4 And the mountains shall be molten under him, and the valleys
    shall be cleft, as wax before the fire, and as the waters that are
    poured down a steep place.
    kenny53m: do you, oh wise one, see any kind of human name there?
    squircifer: not really, and i do not see a kenny anywhere either
    kenny53m: oh, I am not talking about Kenny
    kenny53m: Kenny is my first name
    kenny53m: he didn't speak out to me in my first name, he chose my SIR
    kenny53m: my last name
    kenny53m: do you see one?
    squircifer: okay, you need to be more specific, i am a little dense at

    kenny53m: and he didn't say my sir name
    kenny53m: he let me read my name and just at the exact moment I passed
    over it, his spirit spoke up from within me and said, THAT IS YOU!
    kenny53m: do you see anything that resembles any name you even might
    have heard of?
    squircifer: okay, what is your name then?
    kenny53m: WAX
    kenny53m: this gets better
    kenny53m: a description of the events of my life are contained in the
    verses following that
    kenny53m: I recognized them
    kenny53m: do you know Micah?
    squircifer: okay, and this makes you a prophet how?
    kenny53m: at the time, I was associating with fundamentalists
    kenny53m: over 40 days of his having his hand upon me, in like manner
    as this shaking event
    kenny53m: he caused me to change my entire theology pertaining to a
    whole lot of church teachings
    kenny53m: they are all different, I have come to find
    kenny53m: he gave me light
    squircifer: okay, what have you prophicied, and when and where did it
    come to pass

    kenny53m: vs the darkness so many who claim to be christians say
    kenny53m: sq, it is not my time yet
    kenny53m: watch me
    kenny53m: he did, one day, during that 40 I mentioned, call me by my
    first name
    kenny53m: KENNY
    kenny53m: and he said to me
    squircifer: aha
    squircifer: but, what have you prophicied? I am very curious.

    kenny53m: along with other things, I know, I am one of the 2, of the
    BOOK of the BIBLE, Revelation chapter 11
    squircifer: really?
    kenny53m: UFO's are going to land
    kenny53m: I have said that
    squircifer: okay, i am tracking
    kenny53m: those in them will come out lying thru their teeth about who
    they are
    squircifer: who are they?
    kenny53m: wicked angels
    squircifer: i am not to up on the book of revelation, sorry.
    kenny53m: angelic beings who possess great technology
    squircifer: so, wicked angels will pose as aliens?
    kenny53m: yup
    squircifer: why would they do that?
    kenny53m: everyone who puts a Chi in their name is from Chicago
    kenny53m: oops wrong window
    kenny53m: to deceive you
    kenny53m: they want to try and defeat the plan of salvation of God
    kenny53m: they will fail
    squircifer: but why pose as aliens? what would be the purpose?
    kenny53m: have you not heard of evolution
    kenny53m: did you not see the movie that Bruce Willis was in about
    landing on MArs, and all the other movies since the 1950"s
    kenny53m: they have been programming people
    squircifer: yeah
    kenny53m: their influence is extraordinary
    squircifer: so this is a programming thing? would this make the
    religion a farce then? is that what they are doing?

    kenny53m: people are not aware of it
    kenny53m: in a manner of speaking, yes
    kenny53m: the Bible contains the truth\
    squircifer: about when will this happen? any basic time lien?
    kenny53m: the churches are blinded to it, mostly
    squircifer: line?
    kenny53m: before 2020\
    kenny53m: even before that
    squircifer: wow. and god told you this?
    kenny53m: the Mayan calendar ends abruptly in 2012
    kenny53m: ecerything tells me this
    kenny53m: all put together, it makes absolute sense
    kenny53m: I wont say the Mayan calendar is absolutely correct
    kenny53m: I can't see things going beyond 2020
    kenny53m: I am 50 now
    squircifer: okay
    squircifer: but why would god tell you this?
    kenny53m: perhaps sooner
    kenny53m: it is in his word
    kenny53m: he was going to have 2 guys at the end who would be called
    crazy and "evil"
    kenny53m: even though they were his servants
    squircifer: okay, if you would please, could you outline it for me?
    kenny53m: do you know the Bible at all
    kenny53m: listen, I know how this sounds
    squircifer: yeah i know the bible, not super great, but enough....
    kenny53m: and I am fine with it
    kenny53m: I'll be his fool
    kenny53m: he came to me in a dream when I was 6 years old
    kenny53m: I didn't know what it meant at the time
    kenny53m: but it sure did upset me
    squircifer: where at in the bible can i see this? i am very curious.
    kenny53m: I cried like the little boy I was, because I wanted him to
    come back
    kenny53m: he chose me for this a long time ago
    squircifer: so god talked to you at 6?
    kenny53m: we are angels, squic.
    kenny53m: put into flesh bodies
    kenny53m: because of the rebellion
    kenny53m: the revolt, he overthrew
    squircifer: wait, we are angels? i thought we were humans?
    kenny53m: in that overthrow, an entire planet was destroyed
    kenny53m: humans are angels in flesh
    kenny53m: a spirit confined
    kenny53m: the flesh must die for you to be free of it
    kenny53m: it is all for to try and save you
    squircifer: koay
    squircifer: okay...oops

    kenny53m: your memory was wiped clean of the past when you passed thru
    the womb
    kenny53m: 9 monthsd in the water
    kenny53m: born of water
    kenny53m: now you needs be born of the spirit
    kenny53m: born again
    kenny53m: God will make you alive if you will only believe
    kenny53m: trust him
    kenny53m: go to him as a child
    squircifer: okay, now please, where is this all in the bible? i have
    asked you a few times.

    kenny53m: change you mind about who you think you are
    kenny53m: read it
    kenny53m: it is the gospels
    kenny53m: it is in Isaiah
    kenny53m: start at the beginning and read it
    kenny53m: eat it
    kenny53m: make it part of you
    kenny53m: he will recognize the effort
    squircifer: could you give me an outline of chapter and verse please?
    kenny53m: no
    kenny53m: that would take weeks
    kenny53m: better for you, to do it for yourself
    squircifer: give me a general one then
    kenny53m: I lie not
    kenny53m: he spoke to me
    kenny53m: he changed my life, more than once
    kenny53m: he chased me down when I was not looking for him
    kenny53m: I was looking for another
    squircifer: but why would satan return to earth in a ufo? is that
    really in revelations?

    kenny53m: when I strayed and went after another, he let me go for 18
    years, then he grabbed mer by the scruff of the neck, and held on to me
    for 40 days
    kenny53m: look at what Ezekeil says he saw
    kenny53m: a bronze age man
    kenny53m: who had no words to describe the thing he saw
    kenny53m: chapter one
    squircifer: okay
    kenny53m: ask God for eyes to see and ears to hear
    squircifer: i will read revelation chapter one... what am i looking for

    kenny53m: these people oin these chat roomns have no clue
    kenny53m: I didn't say RevelATION
    kenny53m: i SAIUD eZEKIEL
    kenny53m: he saw a UFO, but had no words to describe it
    kenny53m: in the Bible, they called them chariots
    kenny53m: vehicles
    kenny53m: means of transport
    kenny53m: look at it
    kenny53m: brb
    squircifer: okay ezek 1 is where it is okay.
    kenny53m: probably the most bizzare chapter in the Bible
    squircifer: i would agree
    squircifer: so the chariots are really ufos? how does the context
    allude to that?

    kenny53m: In Kings, Elijah saw the chariots of God
    kenny53m: or was it Elisha?
    kenny53m: Elijah was carried of in a chariot of fire
    kenny53m: hmmm
    kenny53m: a vehicle of fire
    squircifer: okay
    kenny53m: if all you knew was chariots, what would you call a vehicle?
    kenny53m: people, and I used to be one of them
    kenny53m: are really dense
    kenny53m: these fundamentalists
    squircifer: i dont know... if it was NOT a chariot as I would know it,
    I would not call it a chariots.

    kenny53m: insist upon strictly literal interpretation
    kenny53m: I say bologna
    squircifer: and IF the bible was GUIDED by god, then they should not be
    called chariots, right?

    kenny53m: a bronze age man, who tried very hard to describe something
    he had no words for
    kenny53m: it looked like
    kenny53m: it went like
    kenny53m: it made a noise like
    kenny53m: so on and so forth
    kenny53m: read it
    squircifer: i will, but how could they call it something wrong if they
    were guided by the perfect spirit of god?

    kenny53m: now look, who claims that?
    kenny53m: can you find THAT in the BIBLE
    kenny53m: it is people who do that
    kenny53m: believe the Bible and be very careful of the people
    squircifer: okay, but in 2 tim? 3:16 i think , all scripture is god
    breathed right?

    kenny53m: do you get it?
    kenny53m: the word is, acripture
    kenny53m: doesn't that mean the original writer?
    kenny53m: it does
    kenny53m: not the translators
    kenny53m: not the interpretors
    kenny53m: the manuscripts are the word of GOD
    kenny53m: not the translations
    kenny53m: BUT
    kenny53m: you have a good tool in the KJV of the BIBLE
    squircifer: so, you think the KJV is accurate? or if not, which one
    would be?

    kenny53m: if you use a Strong's Exhaustive concordence
    kenny53m: which has Hebrew and Greek and Babylonian (Chaldee)
    dictioneries in it
    squircifer: okay#
    kenny53m: I don't know
    kenny53m: I only use a KJV and a Strong's
    kenny53m: and I try to allow God's spirit to guide me
    kenny53m: but you have to believe first, before he gives you his spirit
    squircifer: okay i am tracking
    kenny53m: taste of him and see that he is good
    squircifer: so, if i do not believe in the first place, i will never
    "get it"?

    kenny53m: that's right
    kenny53m: you wont
    kenny53m: it will be foolishness to you
    squircifer: okay, so how would i even begin to believe, if it all
    starts out as foolishness?

    kenny53m: read the gospels
    kenny53m: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
    kenny53m: read Genisus\
    kenny53m: and Exodus
    kenny53m: and pray
    kenny53m: call upon him to reveal himself to you
    kenny53m: he will recognize your effort
    squircifer: but again, if it all starts out as foolishness, how would I
    ever beleive in the first place?

    kenny53m: only another successful person can verify it to you
    kenny53m: you have to make a leap of faith
    kenny53m: you have to believe and jump
    squircifer: but then, i am not believing it, just trusting another who
    believes it.

    squircifer: and yet they started out the same way..
    kenny53m: if you are trusting God's word, then you are OK
    squircifer: but if the word is foolishness, there is no trusting it...
    know what i mean?

    kenny53m: it is not what the man originated
    kenny53m: it is what God said that you trust
    kenny53m: the man was just a tool God used to get to you
    kenny53m: there is a spiritual connection that will be made
    kenny53m: if you believe
    kenny53m: he is either dead to you, or alive
    kenny53m: if dead, you wont see anything
    kenny53m: it is foolishness to you
    squircifer: so, no matter what in order for it to be true, i have to
    first believe it to be true? right?

    kenny53m: yes
    kenny53m: you must believe that he is
    kenny53m: and is the rewarder of them that diligently seek him
    squircifer: so if i do not believe, then what? it is not true?
    kenny53m: no, you remain dead
    kenny53m: in darkness
    kenny53m: not knowing
    kenny53m: absent any light
    kenny53m: a natural man
    squircifer: but i am not dead.
    kenny53m: spiritually speaking, you are
    squircifer: i am alive, i think, i function and the like.
    kenny53m: to him you are
    kenny53m: just another animal
    squircifer: no, my "spirit" is alive as well... being the mind.
    kenny53m: no
    squircifer: actually we are animals.
    kenny53m: you have no clue what you are lacking
    kenny53m: mammals to be exact
    kenny53m: made like them
    kenny53m: but much more than them
    kenny53m: he gave us the perfect vessel to experience a physical world
    squircifer: i disagree. we are animals. although we have the capacity
    for higher reasoning...

    kenny53m: 6 feet tale
    kenny53m: five fingers
    kenny53m: two legeyes like a predator
    squircifer: sorry, but the human body is far from a perfect vessle.
    kenny53m: we are a perfect vessel
    kenny53m: your opinion
    kenny53m: I just gave you mine
    kenny53m: I love him
    squircifer: if we were perfect, then we would not experience anything
    along the lines of sickness birth defects and the like.

    kenny53m: sq, you forget what the Bible says
    kenny53m: because of our willingness to tell him to fuck off, we get
    all that
    squircifer: what did it say?
    kenny53m: because of the rebellion and its leader
    kenny53m: Satan
    kenny53m: the Devil
    kenny53m: you worship him and follow him, rather than the God that made
    kenny53m: you like being a rebell
    kenny53m: you like not having to be subject to the great one who made
    squircifer: sorry, i do not worship anyone.
    kenny53m: you are a rebell
    squircifer: sorry, you are projecting your beliefs upon me,. please do
    not do that.

    kenny53m: and all who will remain as you believe, will be anialated
    kenny53m: that is what is meant when it says about a LAKE OF FIRE
    kenny53m: hell, is not the end
    kenny53m: the lake of fire is
    squircifer: again you are projecting something on me that is not true.
    kenny53m: hell is a period of learning
    kenny53m: so YOU say
    kenny53m: whatever
    kenny53m: have a great time, and fun, if you can
    kenny53m: I'll be around to tell you, I told you so
    squircifer: no, you are telling me i am wrong, you are deciding what i
    am, and what i believe...

    kenny53m: you have said it already
    squircifer: that is wrong. sorry to burst your bubble.
    kenny53m: in the short statements you made, you told everything
    kenny53m: no, it is right
    squircifer: i do not worship satan... i know this is hard for your
    position to deal with but it is so.

    kenny53m: you forget, I have the spirit of God who gives me info
    (light), you do not
    squircifer: you actually need me to believe in satan for your posisiton
    to have any merit.

    kenny53m: whatever
    kenny53m: do what you want
    kenny53m: I'll see you again
    kenny53m: someday
    kenny53m: and remind you of this
    kenny53m: I absolutely will
    squircifer: sorry, i think you do not have any spirit of god. you
    believe satan will fly to earth in a ufo, and aliens are angels...and we are
    angels as well. and that a disembodied being talks to you. you are
    delsuional if you ask me. but, am i just projecting now or what?

    kenny53m: whatever, dude
    kenny53m: chicky
    kenny53m: whatever you are
    kenny53m: I spoke the truth to you, and you didn't connect
    kenny53m: so what
    kenny53m: have a nice day
    kenny53m: see you again
    kenny53m: I will
    kenny53m: I told you before
    kenny53m: bye
    squircifer: i see now, since i do not agree with you and called you out
    after you refused to realize what you did to me.. you get mad no
    problem. looners are usually like that.

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