Thor Loves You!!!!


  • Here is a transcript of a little fun that PouncenRaven had in the God is a Myth chat room in AOL. It is a long one, but a funny read. I likes this one! PounceyTigger is our beloved Sheep Herder, and the evil Tink06bell is the nasty Athorist.

  • Tink06bell: whats the deal with the name of this chat??!!!??!?!?!
    PounceyTigger: tink, isn't it obvious?
    Tink06bell: y do u think God is a myth
    Tink06bell: ???
    Forever Atheist: Tink: why is the English language a myth to you
    PounceyTigger: tink, look up the definition of myth, and you'll understand
    Tink06bell: it aint
    VenomousLoathing: tink God isn't sa myth.. on the sixth day he created fairies
    PounceyTigger: ven, don't forget unicorns and dragons
    Tink06bell: on the sixth day he did not create fairies
    VenomousLoathing: pouncey an d those pesky dinos he killed in the floods
    PounceyTigger: tink, he didn't create anything because he isn't real
    PounceyTigger: ven, yup

    Tink06bell: bull
    PounceyTigger: tink, why don't you believe in Thor?
    VenomousLoathing: pouncey because tink is a heathen
    PounceyTigger: You should bow down to Thor and repent for when he comes back he will smite all those who do not believe
    VenomousLoathing: you Zeusless hellbound infidel
    Tink06bell: I aint a heathen and thor does not exsist
    PounceyTigger: tink, yes he does
    Zorak1001: And when THOR smites you, by god, you stay SMOTE
    Maybeeso: Thor now there's a REAL god
    PounceyTigger: tink, just look around you, you'll see all that Thor has created
    Tink06bell: then he can smite me, but he doesnt exsist
    Tink06bell: thor is a crock of bullshit
    Maybeeso: If Thor isn't real, how did you get here?
    PounceyTigger: tink, how can you deny the existence of thor?
    Tink06bell: GOD!!
    Maybeeso: Tink yes Thor is GOD
    Tink06bell: JEEE... I DONT KNOW...
    Tink06bell: NO THOR IS BULLSHIT
    PounceyTigger: tink, why?
    Maybeeso: Tink Thor loves you
    PounceyTigger: All you need to do is accept thor in your life, and you will feel his love
    Tink06bell: THOR CAN KISS MY ASS
    Maybeeso: Tink at least Thor is real to do it
    VenomousLoathing: pouncey I took thor into my spleen right after I took jesus into my gall bladder
    PounceyTigger: <---laughing so hard I can barely type
    Tink06bell: UHH DIRTY
    PounceyTigger: tink, repent! The time of Thor is near!
    VenomousLoathing: repent, you sinner
    Tink06bell: HELL NO
    PounceyTigger: tink, if you don't believe in thor, you're going to Hades
    Tink06bell: NO IM NOT
    PounceyTigger: all you need to do is accept Thor into your heart
    Tink06bell: BC THOR DOESNT EXSIST god does
    Tink06bell: so
    Maybeeso: Tink THOR is god
    VenomousLoathing: my thor can beat up your god
    PounceyTigger: Tink, thor exists in your heart
    Tink06bell: no hes not
    PounceyTigger: ven, great bumper sticker!!
    Tink06bell: no one can beat up my god
    Maybeeso: Tink I feel so sorry that you don't believe in THOR you could if you'd just try
    PounceyTigger: tink, why do you worship demons?
    PounceyTigger: Thor is the only one true god

    Tink06bell: no really hes not
    PounceyTigger: you just have to accept thor, then you will be saved
    Maybeeso: Give your heart to THOR
    Tink06bell: no i am saved by GOD
    Forever Atheist: "Got Thor?"
    PounceyTigger: tink, what you think of as god, is really the devil
    Maybeeso: Yes, Tink, THOR is god
    Tink06bell: no
    PounceyTigger: he's trying to turn you away from Thor
    Tink06bell: jesus loves you all aheist or not
    Tink06bell: atheist
    PounceyTigger: tink, no Thor loves you
    Tink06bell: *
    Maybeeso: Tink THOR loves you, and your jesus too
    Tink06bell: well i dont love or like thor
    PounceyTigger: tink, why do you hate thor
    PounceyTigger: ?

    Maybeeso: Tink THOR saved your jesus
    PounceyTigger: thor brought jesus back to life
    Maybeeso: Tink what awful thing happened in your life to make you turn against THOR?
    Tink06bell: bc thor is nothing but a fake
    PounceyTigger: tink, I'm telling you, god is the devil
    PounceyTigger: Thor is the only true god
    PounceyTigger: Just accept him and you'll feel the love of thor

    Tink06bell: no if god was the devil then i would kill myself
    Forever Atheist: Tink: do it anyway
    VenomousLoathing: tink You cant see the wind, but it's there.... thor is just like that
    PounceyTigger: tink, I hate to burst your bubble, but Thor is god
    Tink06bell: i have thought about
    PounceyTigger: All praise be to Thor!
    Tink06bell: then y dont you hear thor bless america
    PounceyTigger: tink, the devil
    VenomousLoathing: the second law of thermodynamics proves that lighting could not exist without thor
    PounceyTigger: the devil doesn't want everyone to know that Thor is the one true loving god
    Forever Atheist: "Thor is Love"
    Tink06bell: God is the one and almighty Lord and not thor
    Tink06bell: no
    Zorak1001: Thor doesn't so much love you, as tolerate you
    PounceyTigger: tink, why can't you stop worshipping false gods?
    PounceyTigger: give yourself over to thor

    Forever Atheist: Tink: there is no god but Thor and Ganesh is his prophet
    Tink06bell: God is not false
    VenomousLoathing: For Odin so loved the world that he gave his only begotten thor, so that whoever shalt believeth in him, shalt have eternal lightning
    PounceyTigger: it's the only way you can be happy
    Tink06bell: no
    PounceyTigger: tink, just open your heart to thor
    Tink06bell: you people are all going to hell when you die
    FOX11354: thor will save us
    PounceyTigger: tink, no, becuase we've accepted thor into our hearts
    Forever Atheist: Tink: hate to break it to you. There is no hell LOL
    PounceyTigger: let's sing! "Thor is in his holy temple"
    Zorak1001: WWTD... What Would Thor Do?
    Tink06bell: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believith in hom shallnot perish but have everlasting life. :John 3:16
    PounceyTigger: tink, fiction
    Tink06bell: him*
    PounceyTigger: tink, Thor is the only true creator
    Tink06bell: no truth
    PounceyTigger: tink, thor loves you
    PounceyTigger: even if you're an athorist

    Tink06bell: i am an atheist towards all "gods" other than Jesus
    PounceyTigger: tink, look up atheist
    PounceyTigger: to be an atheist is to deny the existence of all god
    PounceyTigger: s
    PounceyTigger: tink, but thor still loves you

    Tink06bell: you know what i like my religion and i know that when i die i will be going to HEAVEN
    PounceyTigger: Thoresis 1: 27 So Thor created man in his own image, in the image of Thor he created him; male and female he created them"
    PounceyTigger: tink, why do you hate thor
    PounceyTigger: thor still loves you

    Tink06bell: thor is not real never was and never willbe
    VenomousLoathing: The universe was but a void, and Thor said "let there be light" and there was still nothing, but you could SEE it
    PounceyTigger: tink, I can prove that thor is real
    PounceyTigger: ven ROFLMAO

    Tink06bell: really
    PounceyTigger: tink, yup
    Tink06bell: how?
    PounceyTigger: tink, how else did you get here
    Tink06bell: by GOD
    PounceyTigger: tink, just look around, you'll see proof of Thor
    PounceyTigger: <----whore for Thor
    PounceyTigger: hey that rhymes!

    VenomousLoathing: The First Commandment... "Adam, mow the lawn" Eve
    Tink06bell: oh well you people are all hopeless, at least i tried to let you see the light
    PounceyTigger: think, Thor is the light
    PounceyTigger: "Thor is my shephard I shall not want"
    PounceyTigger: <-----cracking up

    Maybeeso: Tink let the light of THOR's goodness shine upon you
    Tink06bell: no thanks
    Maybeeso: THOR's blessings upon you
    VenomousLoathing: annie hanging low, darling
    Maybeeso: May you find peach in THOR
    Forever Atheist: Shall we all stand for the national anthem of "Thor bless America"
    Maybeeso: and apples
    PounceyTigger: tink, you should sacrifice your god to Thor
    FOX11354: thor bless you and keep you, may thor lift up his incontinence upon you...
    Maybeeso: Tink come back 3 days from now on Thors Day and try to tell us that HE isn't real
    Tink06bell: if i was to accept thor then i would be stricken dead and so i will NOT accept any god othr than Jesus
    FOX11354: there are no days named after jesus
    FOX11354: he must not be real
    PounceyTigger: tink, you'll go to Hades if you don't accept Thor into your heart
    Tink06bell: no days named after thor
    PounceyTigger: tink, ever hear of Thormas?
    Shaddam Corrino: Tink, oddly enough Thor-Worshippers don't seem to get struck dead
    FOX11354: thorsday
    Tink06bell: then i guess you think ill go to hades
    Shaddam Corrino: Thursday is named after Thor
    Forever Atheist: yes it is
    PounceyTigger: tink, just accept Thor and you'll be saved from the fire of Hades
    Tink06bell: hades, hell, whatever it is all the same
    PounceyTigger: tink, why do you hate thor?
    Tink06bell: just think...
    VenomousLoathing: well, no.. Hades is greek
    Maybeeso: Tink you're going there for your actions and not believing in THOR
    Tink06bell: im 13 and am smarter than all of you
    Maybeeso: Just think about THOR and you will believe, Tink
    PounceyTigger: tink, if you would just accept Thor
    PounceyTigger: tink I care about you
    PounceyTigger: I don't want to see you cast down to Hades

    Tink06bell: i dont care about thor
    Maybeeso: Tink, we love you and don't want you hurt
    PounceyTigger: tink, but loves YOU
    Shaddam Corrino: Remember the Thoreth day and keep it Holy
    FOX11354: lets all ut our hands on the monitor and pray to Thor that tink be saved
    Shaddam Corrino: Thou shalt have no other Thors besides Thor
    Maybeeso: Praise THOR!!
    PounceyTigger: <---please thor, save this child. Reveal to her your love
    PounceyTigger: tink, I'll pray to Thor that he saves you

    Maybeeso: All you have to do is look around you

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