Finally! An admittance from a sheep!

  • Here we have finally get a few admissioons from a sheep in regards to the "belief" and "faith" as valid "proof".....Enjoy!!!!

  • texas_tech_red_raider_fan:Well, I tried.
    squirrel624: i got booted again
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan:Good day to you
    squirrel624: damn booters
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Oh, I am sorry. I can relate
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: So did I
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I was saying, about the antigravity device you say you have
    squirrel624: the bastard is ghosting now....
    squirrel624: please continue

    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: You say you have one, I can say "Yeah, right"
    squirrel624: yes
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: The same as you might say about my claim to Jesus
    squirrel624: yes
    squirrel624: but, saying prove it does not exist, is not a valid line of reasoning.
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Now, without showing you proof of this, it is difficult to believ and I agree with that from a secular stand point
    squirrel624: the theistic standpoint offers nothing concrete,
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: But, I have faith in what I believe and that is how I know. I wish there was a way that was easier to explain it.
    squirrel624: just "faith" and personal experience
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: True
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Yes
    squirrel624: which are not able to establish the objective truth.
    squirrel624: only a "belief" that cannot be juistified

    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I have to agree with you on that
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Yes, it is like belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, I know
    squirrel624: true
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Let me ask you, did you as a kid believe in Santa Claus?
    squirrel624: yes, till i learned things and gained knowledge
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Why, before you learned otherwise?
    squirrel624: well, at first i believed ...
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Why?
    squirrel624: one, my parents told me he was real, there were "proofs"... there was toys under the tree, santa visited the house... thing like that
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Yes
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: And did you at one time believe in God and Jesus and all that?
    squirrel624: yes
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Why did you?
    squirrel624: in part for the same reasons, i was told he was real, i saw the "proofs" and all that, but with the gaining of knowledge, i saw it differently, and realized it was the same a santa, save, santa came to my house, but it turned out that it was just a person dressed as santa....
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Let me tell you how I became saved
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I was there in the world where I sinned more than I do now
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I lived for myself
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: But, I was continuously faced with myself. Like my conscience was grabbing at me
    squirrel624: okay
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I did not like what I saw in myself.
    squirrel624: okay
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: In 1999, I came to realize that it was more than a conscience that was talking to me
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I walked into a bookstore and saw a book there
    squirrel624: really? so how would you prove this to be true?
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Yes, it was fiction, but it was interesting
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Hang on, I am getting there
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I bought the book and read it. It was a Christian fiction story about the end times
    squirrel624: okay
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: When I read it, it was like reading my life
    squirrel624: okay
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I became fearful of what this book said, especially when I looked it up with the Bible. I was surprised that it was there and what the oucome would be
    squirrel624: i am following you.
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: that is outcome
    squirrel624: so you believed out of fear?
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: To be honest, yes
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: At first
    squirrel624: either it was fear based, or, I can say the exact same things as you did above but with the difference in the religion chosen in the end..why do you get to be right?
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I was raised in the Mormon religion and never knew what I read in that book
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: When I went to the Bishop about these questions, I was mocked (in a way). I was told that because I was Mormon I had nothing to worry about and that which I learned was blasphemous
    squirrel624: okay....
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: So, I studied further for truth about their claims
    squirrel624: and found them lacking?
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I found out that they were wrong and that the Mormon religion was all man-based
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: yes
    squirrel624: okay, i found the same thing about christianity.. they were wrong and man made.
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: So, I attacked them openly one Sunday
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Where do you think they are wrong specifically
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: ?
    squirrel624: well...that would take far toooo long to go into here, but historically the bible is not accurate in all things, some of the doctrines are man made like the trintiy....
    squirrel624: like i said, i think the bible is not a reliable book, it contains errors about many many things,
    squirrel624: and is nothing but admitted to in the book of john.
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Hmmmm...
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: That puts me at a stand
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Standstill
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: COming to a conclusion on this is indeed puzzling for me
    squirrel624: well... it is basically the same thing you did with mormonism...
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Well, Squirrel, I have to look into this and pray about it. Maybe I can answer that one better. To say I am at a loss of words is an understatement. I know I should be better prepared
    squirrel624: helps.
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Well, I am sorry that I could not help proving anything. But, I hope you do find it
    squirrel624: also, it shows that the same thing happens to all people, and yet they have trouble understanding it all..
    squirrel624: you cannot grasp it when it deals with your "truth" yet it was valid and acceptable when you left mormonism.
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Well, that brings to mind about intelligence. God has the infinte wisdom. Man has the finite wisdom and must settle with our limited ways
    squirrel624: well then you are bound to same finite wisdom i am bound too, why should i trust your wisdom?
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: To understand God's Truth, we have to rely on Him in that
    squirrel624: and you could be wrong entirely since gods wisdom cannot be agreed upon by all christians.
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I am not asking that you should
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Maybe. But, I hope not
    squirrel624: i know
    squirrel624: at least you can admit that.

    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: I admit I am human
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Well, it has been a pleasure trying, freind, but I yeild. I pray somebody does better than myself
    squirrel624: okay.
    texas_tech_red_raider_fan: Good bye
    squirrel624: you did a lot batter than batmobilefreek could ever do...
    squirrel624: take care.

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