The God of Terror.

  • Hello gentle reader, this chat is a chat piece that debated about posting for a long time. I decided to post it after all so you can see the twisted logic of the sheep when it comes to tragedy. God can never lose it seems, and no matter what does or does not do, he is right as rain and still full of love. It went from the terrible act of terrorism to a free will debate os a sort. I am the melancholy_banana.

  • cam_man12: Jesus was there
    cam_man12: something have to happen
    melancholy_banana: oh really? and what did he do?
    melancholy_banana: did he stop it? nope.

    cam_man12: because sometimes people have to die
    cam_man12: Jesus is always with us
    melancholy_banana: shut up. Do not even talk to me ...... some god Jesus is. No thanks.- Jesus allowed this to happen.
    cam_man12: God also flooded the world, sometimes he has to do stuff like that, think about, doesn't take a genius
    melancholy_banana: look your god is a bastard, thanks for playing,.
    cam_man12: no, he does these things because he cares
    melancholy_banana: LOL get off it.....
    cam_man12: so what do u believe
    melancholy_banana: because he cares he kills hundreds of people in an act of terrorism?
    cam_man12: this act will bring us closer to the end times, it had to happen, now God didn't want to kill those people but that's what he had to do, he cares about the rest of us also, he loves us all
    melancholy_banana: bullshit... god did not want to kill? read your bible.... god gets off on killing.
    cam_man12: I didn't say he wanted to, of course he didn't want to kill those people but it had to happen, read what I type, I never said he wanted to, duh
    melancholy_banana: again I say bullshit. Your god knew from the beginning they would die, he knew it,a nd allowed it to happen, there was no other choice since he is all knowing, yet, he does nothing... he ordained it to happen... your god wanted it to happen
    cam_man12: no, he knows what is goin to happen but he gives us FREE WILL, meaning we can do what we want, so no he didn't want it to happen, but he had to let it happen so that everything would work out in the end
    melancholy_banana: nice try.... there is no free will, if there is then your god does NOT know everything.
    cam_man12: yeah he gives us free will but he knows what we r gonna do, but he doesn't make us do that, it's in the bible
    melancholy_banana: lol he knows what we are going to do... aha I see. So then no matter what we do gods knows ahead of time?
    cam_man12: yeah
    melancholy_banana: then how do we have a choice in the matter? no matter what we do, it is known ahead of time, we have no choice in essence for god already knows the decision ahead of time.
    melancholy_banana: we may have the ILLUSION of free will nothing more.

    cam_man12: so u mean there is no freedom?
    melancholy_banana: not if your god knows it all period.
    cam_man12: what do u mean
    cam_man12: it wouldn't be freedom if he controlled us but he doesn't so thus we r free
    melancholy_banana: if your god knows everything then, he knows his own actions before he takes them, he does not have free will either, and man does not for all the actions are known to god before they happen. You may choose, but your choice in already known to god. You have no "freedom" the illusion of freedom perhaps.
    cam_man12: what u r sayin has nothing to do with freedom, we are free, and how could god not be free there is no one who could control him, just because he knows doesn't mean we aren't free
    melancholy_banana: I see. So no matter what you do, it is known to god, yet you still have free will and freedom of choice? you no more free to "not" kill a person god knows you will kill in the future.....
    melancholy_banana: do you understand this?

    cam_man12: r u smoking somethin
    melancholy_banana: no you do not understand it, and it is very simple, but I think it is due to Christian brainwashing.
    cam_man12: no but u don't type correctly so I didn't understand the sentence maybe u should type it again
    melancholy_banana: OOPS you are right my fault... typed to fast.... okay... you are no more free "not" to kill a person in the future if your god knows you will do this, it is not a choice on your behalf... god "knows" you will do this.
    cam_man12: so what if he knows than that doesn't mean that he makes me do it
    melancholy_banana: you do not get it do you? do "you" have a choice in the matter?
    cam_man12: what matter
    melancholy_banana: do "you " have a "choice" in the matter of what god knows to be a fact; you will kill a person in the future.
    cam_man12: yeah I have the choice to kill or not
    melancholy_banana: you do? god knows you will kill this person no matter what, so tell me how do you have a choice in the matter?
    cam_man12: because I decide whether to kill the person or not, and god just now my decision
    melancholy_banana: are you serious? you will kill this person "no matter" what, so tell me do you have a choice in this?
    cam_man12: but how do u know that I will kill a person
    melancholy_banana: you do not get it still do you? "I" do not know, it is an analogy.
    cam_man12: only god knows and I may want to kill somebody and change my mind at the last minute, and god would know that was gonna happen
    cam_man12: yeah well your analogy sucked
    melancholy_banana: look... god "knows" you "will" kill a person....
    melancholy_banana: yeah well your "free will" argument sucks as well in fact it does not hold up at all.

    cam_man12: and yours does, I am sorry but I won't feel to sorry when I see u getting judged before Jesus and they drag u away and throw u to HELL
    melancholy_banana: so now you resort to threats because your position is one of stupidity. Typical... please read James 1:26
    cam_man12: no that was not a threat I was telling u what is going to happen and how I am goin to feel, also which James 1 or 2, huh
    melancholy_banana: lol James 1 or 2? that is funny
    cam_man12: sorry my bad I was looking in john
    melancholy_banana: aha okay
    cam_man12: so what about that verse I only told u the truth
    melancholy_banana: you told me what you "think" the truth is, now prove it is truth.
    cam_man12: it says in revelations (I think that is) that sinners will be judge before Jesus and then throw in to the lake of fire
    melancholy_banana: yes it is rev.... but you need to prove it is truth, and not just what you think the truth is, the bible is not reliable until you show it is
    cam_man12: OK I we will see on judgment day then
    melancholy_banana: I thought so.
    cam_man12: that can either be my prove or my falling
    melancholy_banana: you cannot back your basic argument, and you cannot show you have the truth either...thanks.
    cam_man12: how do u know that u have the truth
    melancholy_banana: I don't, but I do not tell others as if I do.
    cam_man12: yeah well I think u r wrong on that
    melancholy_banana: then show me how I am wrong then. I just point out what people believe....and that I do not buy it.

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