A Wall Between Us?

  • You ever get the feeling that you are talking to a wall? Then you know exactly what I mean. This time I had one of those wall conversations. This is the typical conversation I usually have in the Christian chat rooms. Seems as if this is all the sheep can do. Nothing more. Sad is it not? As you read this little chat I had with the sheep you will begin to see the wall......

  • bjohnson47_99: unique......I will be praying for you
    bjohnson47_99: have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior?
    violent_cupcake: why should I do that?
    bjohnson47_99: The bible says that Satan come to steel, kill and destroy....not God
    violent_cupcake: so? the bible is not true.
    violent_cupcake: still why should I accept Jesus?

    bjohnson47_99: God is the giver of life
    violent_cupcake: really? where does it say that?
    violent_cupcake: guess you cannot tell me anything. Nice try though,

    bjohnson47_99: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life"
    bjohnson47_99: He loves you cupcake
    violent_cupcake: ummm wrong.
    violent_cupcake: god lent his son.

    bjohnson47_99: why do you say that cupcake?
    bjohnson47_99: and by the blood of Jesus you can be saved
    violent_cupcake: umm wrong.
    violent_cupcake: please prove the bible is true .

    bjohnson47_99: He suffered for you
    bjohnson47_99: His Son died for you
    violent_cupcake: back it up.
    bjohnson47_99: have you read it?
    violent_cupcake: oh yes many times, and in many translations.
    bjohnson47_99: do you understand it?
    bjohnson47_99: I know that it is true.......He lives in my heart
    bjohnson47_99: He changed my life
    bjohnson47_99: He delivered me and set me free
    bjohnson47_99: have you ever asked Him to come into your heart?
    violent_cupcake: you have no clue do you?
    bjohnson47_99: cupcake......Jesus loved you so much, that He layed down His life for you
    violent_cupcake: back it up please, just by claiming it to be so is not going to convince me.
    bjohnson47_99: we accept it by faith......not works
    violent_cupcake: oh I see, so you just believe it to be true, you do not know it to be true
    bjohnson47_99: I know it in my heart
    violent_cupcake: prove it, show me. Just because you believe it to be true does not mean it is true.... do you understand that?
    bjohnson47_99: He already did that on the cross
    bjohnson47_99: No other proof is needed
    bjohnson47_99: give Him your life.
    bjohnson47_99: You will see
    violent_cupcake: like I said, you believe it to be true, yet you cannot prove it to be true,
    bjohnson47_99: I know it
    bjohnson47_99: I don't have to prove it
    bjohnson47_99: if you knew my life before, and know me now.....you would see
    violent_cupcake: not good enough. If you know it, you can show it to be true,
    violent_cupcake: you believe it to be true yes, but that does not mean it is truth,
    violent_cupcake: do you understand that?

    bjohnson47_99: You will be empty till you accept Him
    violent_cupcake: sorry that is a lame attempt, do not presume to know anything about me.
    bjohnson47_99: You will not have life till you believe on Him
    violent_cupcake: are you even listening to yourself? you have no clue about me or my life, and yet you have the nerve
    to talk crap to me and assume my life is empty and without purpose. You may be saying that only to
    make yourself believe it, but it does you no good. I can see you are doubting now.

    bjohnson47_99: He loves you
    violent_cupcake: is that all you can say?
    violent_cupcake: you are funny

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