Jesus told me to say I was sorry!

  • Here is the apology of one of the regulars in CC2. LtBob. He is an arrogant ass. As he has displayed time after time in the rooms. One day I called him on it in front of the whole room. He was silent, and then I received this instant message from him. Funny how he did not apologize till it was pointed out to him by the holy spook and Jesus that he was an ass. Also notice at first I thought it was sincere until the last part he added. When called upon this, he was silent again.

  • ltbob2001: Squirrel, I want to apologize as I got to thinking and I (not you) came across as arrogant and that is not Christlike at all. I hope and as you for your forgiveness. I hate it when I make mistakes but I seem to constantly do it. Sorry, and I do think you are verry intelligent.
    ltbob2001: very
    squirrelofyahshua: thanks bob, no problem at all. There is nothing to forgive actually. We both know our beliefs, you know I am not one of the run of mill stupid atheists, and I know you are not a run of the mill christian, I have studied scriptures in depth, i was once a Christian, I understand your position, and when people blast it consistently, it gets to you.
    ltbob2001: I do apologize from the bottom of my heart. I did not represent the humility of Christ and HE convicted me of it. Working in a maximum security prison does not help my patience!!
    squirrelofyahshua: bob, why is it that you are apologizing under the direction of the "spirit"? why not from you? it is basically like saying you think you did nothing wrong, but under the prodding of Jesus, you will apologize.... know what I am saying?

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