Do they sin or not?


  • Here is a transcript of serious talk, it is short, and did not continue after the one point below. I am the Violent cupcake in this one. The verses I was using in the main room with another person who claimed to be spotless in the eyes of the lord are: 1 John 3:6-10

  • wgrfcr: cuz sometimes there're computer generated chatters, they have like 5 sentences in rotation. I asked a couple if they were real n they started trippin !lol! it filled my screen with a whole bunch of source codes and error messages lol!
    violent_cupcake: lol.. i can imagine.... but, no i am real, i just have a bible prog that i can call up verses real fast... it helps to back my arguments
    wgrfcr: aye.... what are you trying to argue again?
    violent_cupcake: that the bible states plain and simple if a man is of god, and has god in him, he does not sin...
    wgrfcr: oh that was you? i thougt you were doin some Christian bashin'
    violent_cupcake: well i am ..... in a way...
    wgrfcr: Ok, so if i sin, must i then get saved again and again?
    wgrfcr: why do we say in the Lords prayer" And forgive us our debts......."
    wgrfcr: some ppl say this daily as they sin daily...
    violent_cupcake: well... good questions... what do you think?
    wgrfcr: well "I will never leave you nor forsake you....."
    wgrfcr: "when sin did abound, grace did much more abound...."
    violent_cupcake: aha....what does that have to do with 1 John 3:6-9?
    wgrfcr: im not so sure God would jus toss out his promises just because the devil (no caps haha!) gets us sometimes....
    violent_cupcake: if one is saved... is god in them?
    wgrfcr: you see God says that He is a jealous God.... when the enemy steals from Him or His children he is jealous for that......
    wgrfcr: when Adam and Eve sinned, who got sentenced first..?
    violent_cupcake: umm.. okay, but is god in you when you are saved?
    wgrfcr: Im not sure , i can look it up......... I kno you become a new creation IN Christ.........
    wgrfcr: ok ok hold on............
    wgrfcr: ok for some reason i cant remember the scripture im looking fo right now..... something liek" it is not i who live... but He who lives in me..."
    violent_cupcake: no prob...
    violent_cupcake: but do you agree that if you are saved you are of god, and god is in you?
    wgrfcr: aye, yes
    violent_cupcake: okay, then if he is in you, can you sin still?
    wgrfcr: freewill still exists no?
    wgrfcr: we can still choose to sin.
    violent_cupcake: then, the bible is wrong.. it says clearly that you cannot sin of god is in you, and if you sin then he is not in you
    wgrfcr: i believe it says that.... but it also says the book was penned by the Holy Spiit....
    wgrfcr: I wouldnt make such bold statements yet.........
    wgrfcr: You see, you couldve just said you were referring to men of the Spirit
    wgrfcr: not those who walk after the lusts of the flesh.........
    violent_cupcake: *sigh* the context is plain
    wgrfcr: read what else i wrote
    violent_cupcake: i did...
    wgrfcr: and?
    violent_cupcake: does the context of it allow for that meaning you present?
    wgrfcr: i believe so ( at this moment)

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