The Sexy Chat!

  • Well, here we have a little chat I had while in CC2. Another man of god wanted to cyber with me, thinking I was a chick. Okay okay... I was a chick for this little chat LOL But still, a man of god should not be into this kinda kink, and he learned real fast! My responses are in the bold text.

  • robertm311: hello...are you a Christian? I am.
    eve_70_2000: no i am not
    robertm311: married?
    eve_70_2000: lesbain
    eve_70_2000: bian

    robertm311: you dont like men?
    eve_70_2000: they have their uses
    robertm311: like what? a good tongue?
    eve_70_2000: that and more. a stiffy is a good thing as well.
    robertm311: stiffy cock?
    eve_70_2000: plus, when they read the bible as they do is

    robertm311: i see....check my profile for my pic
    robertm311: i have a nice tongue
    robertm311: where do you live?
    eve_70_2000: can you read the bible as you do me?
    robertm311: yep
    robertm311: what is a stiffy?
    eve_70_2000: hard cock in the name of the lord
    robertm311: that too...only 7 inches
    that ok?
    eve_70_2000: sure. jesus was not that much bigger
    robertm311: i like a lot of foreplay. romance, you?
    eve_70_2000: depends.... you need to work it up baby... all in the name
    of jesus though

    robertm311: what is your bra size?
    eve_70_2000: big enough for a mouth full
    robertm311: woooo hoooooo your age? location?
    eve_70_2000: old enough to swallow... and praise the lord with my hot

    eve_70_2000: jesus wants me to be this way.... he likes it when i go
    down on my girlfriend.
    robertm311: ok....want me to go down on you?
    eve_70_2000: do you l ike to play games?
    robertm311: sure...with you I am sure it would be GREAT!
    robertm311: whatever pleases you
    robertm311: do you have any pics?
    eve_70_2000: well now this is my favorite game... i am jesus and you
    are the roman soldier that whips me... and then nails me to the
    cross....all the while with that cock in my mouth..... is that okay with you

    robertm311: any pics?
    eve_70_2000: no.... i had some.. but i do not where they went too
    robertm311: are you beautiful?
    robertm311: where do you live?
    eve_70_2000: i think i am normal.... you like to fuck normal lesbo
    chicks that get off on being crucified right?
    robertm311: ok
    eve_70_2000: tell me how you would nail me to the cross with your hard
    cock in my mouth

    robertm311: well i would tie you up with rope first
    eve_70_2000: before or after you whipped me with that cat of nine

    robertm311: i can see your lovely body
    eve_70_2000: with all the blood right? i like blood....
    robertm311: im afraid thats too much for me
    robertm311: i pass
    eve_70_2000: its okay... i like the pain...
    eve_70_2000: i thought we were going to do the do... come on baby...
    eve_70_2000: what about our game?
    eve_70_2000: hello?

    eve_70_2000: please, you wanted to play, now it seems as if you cannot
    keep up...

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