Refine the Art of Bullshit Once More!

  • Well, another part of the ongoing drama of a false christian. I have pretty much given up on this one. I could care less what he has to say anymore. Now it is all about the smack down. Fuck it. I am tragic pizza.

  • refiners_fire2: Why do you attack Christians so much?
    tragic_pizza_624: fuck you
    refiners_fire2: thank you, post this on your website. God will not be mocked. Whatsoever a men soweth, that shall he also reap
    tragic_pizza_624: i think you are a loser, and a false christian, you also have been nailed so many times as a fucked up person, any witness yu may have or give is tainted to all that know who and what you are.
    refiners_fire2: Jesus knows me. Your buddies just have manufactured lies
    tragic_pizza_624: refiners. i would believe them over you any day. i have seen you pull your bullshit.,
    refiners_fire2: LOL
    refiners_fire2: you right
    refiners_fire2: you believe lies
    tragic_pizza_624: refiners, you do not get it do you? your credibility is destroyed forever more. get over it.
    refiners_fire2: its not, and your buddies have failed
    tragic_pizza_624: refiners... you dont get it. you are a looner.
    refiners_fire2: I still get dozens of emails telling me that they are praying for me, and asking me to pray for their families, etc. It didn't work
    refiners_fire2: you have lost
    tragic_pizza_624: lol wrong answer. the regulars know what you are,.
    refiners_fire2: lol
    refiners_fire2: these regulars are the same ones asking me to pray and call them at home. They are just not bold enough to tell you that
    tragic_pizza_624: lol you are a laugh man
    refiners_fire2: Alot of people fear people like you. I don't
    refiners_fire2: I stand for my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ
    tragic_pizza_624: there is no reason to fear me, but you, you are one to fear, simply because you believe in a delusion, and use it to get away with being a fucked up person.
    refiners_fire2: lol,...see what you know
    refiners_fire2: nothing
    tragic_pizza_624: lol
    refiners_fire2: You're funnier than the ones you make fun of
    refiners_fire2: You oughtta do stand-up
    tragic_pizza_624: where do you think i practice my material?
    refiners_fire2: If you never want to be a Christian, why are so obsessed with Christianity?
    tragic_pizza_624: i am not
    tragic_pizza_624: this is entertainment for me. and my readers

    refiners_fire2: You seem to spend alot of time doing it
    tragic_pizza_624: not at all. i spend less time in here than in the other hobbies i have. but you are always here.
    refiners_fire2: You have given people a laugh, but is it worth the judgement you will receive from God?
    tragic_pizza_624: ummm i do not believe god exists, do you understand that?
    refiners_fire2: Well, what if you're wrong?
    tragic_pizza_624: are you using pascals wager now?
    refiners_fire2: I guess you thought about it, and believe you have excuse to give to God
    refiners_fire2: You probably have one all worked out
    tragic_pizza_624: that would intel that i think it is possible that your god exists.
    tragic_pizza_624: i dont
    refiners_fire2: And he knows the very intent of your heart already
    tragic_pizza_624: same question to you though..... what if you are wrong? what then?
    refiners_fire2: I can't be
    refiners_fire2: I have a relationship with can't have a relationship with someone who doesn't exist
    tragic_pizza_624: that is arrogance. you want me to entertain your question, and yet you will not offer the same couttesy.
    tragic_pizza_624: courtesy.
    tragic_pizza_624: that is arrogance pure.
    refiners_fire2: It seems like arrogance to you, because you have a warped perspective
    refiners_fire2: Boldness is not arrogance,..get it?
    tragic_pizza_624: really? and you dont? your bias is not warped?
    tragic_pizza_624: lol

    refiners_fire2: I'm sure many people have warned you about God's judgement, so I won't bother
    tragic_pizza_624: look guy, you dont seem to get it.
    refiners_fire2: No, don't seem to get it. You do nothing constructive
    tragic_pizza_624: lol like you are in a position to judge what i do.
    refiners_fire2: Even if you don't believe in God, you don't have to be a mocker, and a bully
    refiners_fire2: You don't have to tear down people
    tragic_pizza_624: i am not a bully, and you cannot mock what is not real.
    refiners_fire2: You are destructive
    tragic_pizza_624: if a person is fucked up, then they are fucked up
    refiners_fire2: And you are mocking something real---These people in here,..they are real
    refiners_fire2: You are mocking them
    tragic_pizza_624: you dont know do you? i have a reader fan base, and they enjoy my dark humor....
    refiners_fire2: You are administering hurt
    tragic_pizza_624: bullshit, the way you treat people .... i would fucking talk
    refiners_fire2: But you don't care, because you are a bully
    tragic_pizza_624: lol
    refiners_fire2: You trash everyone
    tragic_pizza_624: no, i trash the looners.
    refiners_fire2: and they are really nice people, some of them
    tragic_pizza_624: again you are talking out of your ass.
    refiners_fire2: You're the worst looner i know
    tragic_pizza_624: i do not trash everyone, in fact i am treat a lot of them nicely.
    refiners_fire2: I cant imagine spending that much time out of my day to berate someone
    tragic_pizza_624: lol
    refiners_fire2: You're sad
    tragic_pizza_624: you think i do nothing but come in here and berate? that is all i think of? fact of the matter you are in here way more than me, and you have been hammered by the "christians" for your shit more than i have.
    refiners_fire2: Thats all I had to say. Goodbye, and may the Lord reward you for your ignorance and hate.....Please post this conversation
    refiners_fire2: goodbye
    tragic_pizza_624: i am consistant, and people know where i stand you are two faced.
    tragic_pizza_624: attack and then talk sweet.
    tragic_pizza_624: you just hate it that all the people do not buy your bullshit, and that others see you for what you are

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