Refining the Art of Bullshit!

  • Here we go with another happy shit filled "I know you better than you know yourself Christian," applying the bullshit thickly here. ..... it never fails to amaze me that you can tell them something and they still do not understand you. It is like their grasp of the English language is just not up to par. Enjoy the Christian Chat 2 regular as he tries to psychoanalyze me.

  • refiners_fire2: why don't you give up? DO you hate God that much?
    violent_cupcake: how can you hate something you do not believe in?
    refiners_fire2: why campaign against it if you're not mad?
    refiners_fire2: When I didn't serve God, I was too busy enjoying life
    refiners_fire2: to mess with Christians
    refiners_fire2: You're not satisfied.
    violent_cupcake: well, to each his own I guess. I just enjoy the talk, the debate, and philosophical exercise and to see how you bail at backing up your faith.
    violent_cupcake: as for being not satisfied, not happy or not whole, you´re wrong.
    refiners_fire2: No,...You are angry and maybe frustrated with your life and circumstances
    refiners_fire2: Or else, you'd be enjoying them
    refiners_fire2: Go get a girlfriend
    violent_cupcake: ummm again, no not in the least, I am very happy and satisfied in this life, but wait you cannot handle that answer can you?
    refiners_fire2: You're not
    refiners_fire2: you think you are....but something angers you about the Lord
    refiners_fire2: Something that is so obsessive about it
    violent_cupcake: lol that is funny.
    violent_cupcake: you assume.
    violent_cupcake: you assert.

    refiners_fire2: obsessive...thats it
    refiners_fire2: You're obsessed,and thats not healthy
    violent_cupcake: this makes you better able to deal with the fact others do not believe as you do. Nothing more, you know this as well and you are trying not to doubt.
    violent_cupcake: nope I am not obsessed with anything.
    violent_cupcake: not in the least.

    refiners_fire2: You are obviously obsessed
    refiners_fire2: I've seen you in here for a long time
    refiners_fire2: And you are always arguing against the Lord, trying to prove our belief in God is wrong.
    violent_cupcake: and your point?
    violent_cupcake: I do not try to prove anyone wrong
    violent_cupcake: you are asserting again.
    violent_cupcake: so, you want to base it all upon your subjective experiences? you are sad.
    violent_cupcake: and since you turn your speakers down seems to me that you do not want to rebutted.
    violent_cupcake: prove your position.
    violent_cupcake: then you have nothing but faith

    refiners_fire2: *** PM request channel is busy, wait a moment and try again.
    violent_cupcake: simply put.
    refiners_fire2: *** PM request channel is busy, wait a moment and try again.

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