Give up the ass for Jesus!!!

  • This godley chick wants to know what god has in store for her, and the Squirrel lets her know....Enjoy!!!!
  • angel_who_walks_among_us: i have a problem
    squircifer: what problems hun?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: i like this guy who has a girlfriend. i've had a huge crush on him since i met him three years ago.
    squircifer: okay
    angel_who_walks_among_us: and 2nite i was sititng next to him while watching a video and it just brought backk all this feelings and i got frustrated
    squircifer: okay, so where is the problem?
    squircifer: did you do anything other than sit next to him?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: well i shared with these "Christians" and they jumped down my throat and judged me for sharing
    squircifer: hmmmm... well christians will do that.
    angel_who_walks_among_us: they shouldn'\t
    squircifer: so, did you do anything with this guy?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: no he's not interested it's lost cause i just can't help the way i feel
    squircifer: do you want him?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: some days i want him badly
    squircifer: i see, well it is normal, take him of you want him
    angel_who_walks_among_us: but he has a GF and even if he didn't i wouldn't have a chance
    squircifer: why not?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: cos he's out of my league
    squircifer: how so? in what way? a guy that says no to ass is not a guy.
    angel_who_walks_among_us: he's a musican, he's good looking he's fit, i'm just not his type. i'm a larger size figure unco unfit and have a terrible singing voice.
    squircifer: so you are a big girl?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: it's a big girl thing only big girls know what i'm talking about.
    squircifer: no no no, i am just asking...
    squircifer: everyone needs the same thing...
    angel_who_walks_among_us: Good Looking Guys Go out with Skinny Good Looking Girls
    squircifer: not true.
    angel_who_walks_among_us: except his GF isn't all that attractive nor skinny
    angel_who_walks_among_us: she is musically talented though more his type.
    squircifer: then it is not all about looks....
    squircifer: would you sleep with this guy?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: if he asked me in a heart beat
    angel_who_walks_among_us: I do almost anything for him it's pathetic he looks at me i just melt.
    squircifer: i can understand you on that one. do you like women too, or just men?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: I'm straight but i like men and women equally as children of god.
    angel_who_walks_among_us: you r all my brothers and sisters.
    squircifer: okay.
    squircifer: now, do you think it is wrong to want this guy?

    angel_who_walks_among_us: i know it's wrong but i can't help it he's so good looking he's every quality i want in a guy except that he's not single and doesn't like me
    squircifer: well, make him like you... tell how you feel, and offer yourself to him, he will not turn you down.
    squircifer: it would not be a sin.

    angel_who_walks_among_us: he's got a gf and i know how he feels about me.
    angel_who_walks_among_us: i just hafta get over him somehow
    angel_who_walks_among_us: move on
    angel_who_walks_among_us: he's a lost cause
    squircifer: not really
    angel_who_walks_among_us: but he's got a gf and he's hardly going break with her he destroyed his last relationship to be with her again. she was his ex b4 the last one
    squircifer: yeah, but he will still not turn you away.
    angel_who_walks_among_us: how can u say that? he doesn't like me that way.
    squircifer: does he know you like him like that?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: i told him once sort of well he worked it out and things were very awkward and then he straight out rejected me. to save face i told i just wanted to be friends. i couldn't ever go through that again it's so humilating
    squircifer: i see.
    squircifer: well i can understand how you feel i had almost the same thing happen to me, except i prayed to jebus and he let me have her.
    angel_who_walks_among_us: if he found out i'd have to change churches cos i wouldn't be able to face him
    squircifer: i see
    angel_who_walks_among_us: He's doing my head in and i can't sleep because of him
    squircifer: maybe you need to get another??
    angel_who_walks_among_us: i know but while i like him i'll always be comparing them to him
    squircifer: you need to stop that.
    squircifer: are you a virgin?
    angel_who_walks_among_us: no
    angel_who_walks_among_us: i know
    angel_who_walks_among_us: i just doomed to be single
    squircifer: no...
    squircifer: all you need is to become active in getting a man .
    angel_who_walks_among_us: i need to trust in the lord to provide
    squircifer: no, honestly, he will not... look what he has done for you so far...
    squircifer: you need to get active girl that is what jebus would want you to do.

    angel_who_walks_among_us: he's provided for me plenty in other areas of my life. God time can't be rushed.
    angel_who_walks_among_us: why so quiet?
    squircifer: you have to put out, then god will give you a man
    angel_who_walks_among_us: what do u mean by put out?
    squircifer: think about it.
    angel_who_walks_among_us: tell me it's late and i'm tired
    angel_who_walks_among_us: i don't understand
    squircifer: if you give it up to the men, they will have , and god will let you have a man. god knows the power of the pussy baby.

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