The Proof?

  • Here we have an interesting little talk I had with a person, whether a true sheep or not, hard to really tell. Anyway, this little talk is of mild interest I think. I invited this person to e-mail me and talk about it more in depth, the question is: will he? Enjoy this one! My responses will be in BOLD.

  • plato90606: Is there life on other planets
    quadriplegic_kittens: hmmmm maybe
    plato90606: What do you think
    quadriplegic_kittens: there is the possibility
    plato90606: I see, You believe Jesus was not the son of God right
    quadriplegic_kittens: right
    plato90606: How do you then explain him raising from the dead
    quadriplegic_kittens: there is no conclusive proof he rose from the dead.
    plato90606: Was his body not missing on Sunday morning, and was the guard in charge of making sure nobody went to the tomb
    quadriplegic_kittens: like I said there is no conclusive proof of this happening. Unless you assume the bible is a reliable document. You would have to first establish that it was.
    plato90606: I am sure there is a lot of thing that don't make sense in the bible. Also I know you can show that it is not reliable. But the facts still don't change that the man they called Jesus, did raise from the dead
    quadriplegic_kittens: lol that is rich... did you just read what you typed? If the bible is not a reliable document, there is no reason to believe a word of it. Even if you wanted to believe it, it does not make it so. Try again.
    plato90606: What I am saying, is that you may attack credibility on the bible. But you can not attack credibility on Jesus
    quadriplegic_kittens: sorry, it goes hand in hand. If the bible is not a reliable document, then there is no reason at all to believe in the myth of Jesus. Whether or not he ever existed is moot, since history is absolutely unable to prove a supernatural or miracle in a solid finite way. It is all faith based, and we all know faith is just wishful thinking.
    plato90606: What was written in the old testament all came true to that Man, there for proving he was the Son Of God. Also explain to me how did humans come to existence
    plato90606: still there my friend
    quadriplegic_kittens: the old testament did not talk about Jesus. If you read the "prophecies" in the proper context you will see that they never talked about Jesus, and in the most cases were not even messianic. Also when you read the bible it can be shown that Jesus was not even eligible to be the messiah. Your"were did we come from" question is also moot, change of subject, and an attempt to get out of the problem of the non reliability of the bible to show Jesus was actually all that the Bible claims.
    quadriplegic_kittens: yeppers still here
    quadriplegic_kittens: but I need to get ready for work.... e-mail me, and we can further discuss this.

    plato90606: OK what is your e-mail
    plato90606: OK
    quadriplegic_kittens: looking forward to it......
    plato90606: OK

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