Happy nice Sheep!!!

  • Here we have a not so bad little talk with a sheep, not all of them are bad, but they do tend to use all the cliche statements huh? (My responses will be in bold text.)

  • sing4thelord3: can I ask what is going on?
    violent_cupcake: what do you mean?
    sing4thelord3: why are they attacking you so much?
    violent_cupcake: they hate me
    sing4thelord3: i can see that. it is a shame that they can't pray for someone or forgive and try treatings someone decent
    violent_cupcake: they are true christians
    sing4thelord3: no they aren't. they claim to be, but their actions prove otherwise.
    violent_cupcake: oh, but they are righteous
    sing4thelord3: rigteous people truly wouldn't attack in that manner.
    sing4thelord3: who are you talking about reswiners. I don't see that person on here.
    violent_cupcake: annointed diplomat
    violent_cupcake: refiners fire

    sing4thelord3: oh my gosh. I have never known him to be that way. he is sweet.
    sing4thelord3: Refiners fire you are talking about?
    violent_cupcake: yes
    sing4thelord3: what did he say about you?
    violent_cupcake: refiners hides it well... he never will say anything in the open room. only in pm.. but he has said nasty things to me.
    sing4thelord3: what did he say about you?
    sing4thelord3: if you want to tell.
    violent_cupcake: oh he hates me...
    violent_cupcake: because i did not buy his lies.

    sing4thelord3: what lies is he telling? I have never heard him tell lies about God or anything. It is just hard for me to grasp?
    violent_cupcake: i do not know. are you male or female?
    sing4thelord3: female
    violent_cupcake: there you go. you need to be very careful of this guy he has a thing for the females. Never let him talk to you about coming to visit him and his "church".
    sing4thelord3: he hardly talks to me at all.
    violent_cupcake: this is good.
    violent_cupcake: as for lies... he claimed to be a pastor of his own church, got called on it, then claimed to be assistant pastor his dad was pastor, the church addy is a po box... and more..
    sing4thelord3: didn't know too much about him
    sing4thelord3: can I ask what church you go to?
    violent_cupcake: i do not go to church
    sing4thelord3: oh okay.
    sing4thelord3: do you have Jesus in your life? just asking.
    violent_cupcake: no, i am an atheist, although a former christian.
    sing4thelord3: what happened that you changed if I may ask?
    violent_cupcake: it took a long time, years, it adds up to the following: i changed my mind, as there was no evidence for the existence of god.
    sing4thelord3: you alone are evidence their is a God. He made you in His image.
    sing4thelord3: and you are alive today.
    sing4thelord3: breathing.
    violent_cupcake: that is not evidence for god, just evidence my parents had sex a long time ago
    sing4thelord3: But it says in scripture God knew us before we were born.
    sing4thelord3: your birth was a miracle from God.
    sing4thelord3: a precious miracle
    violent_cupcake: quoting the bible to me is worthless, i thought i would tell you this....
    sing4thelord3: okay then. can I ask in all fairness and i am just asking. Is that why you think Refiners doesn't like you, because he is telling the truth and being an atheist, it bothers you. Just asking. not wanting to aruge or debate.
    sing4thelord3: if you were a Christian then God had a plan for you.
    violent_cupcake: no, refiners is a worthless person, it matters little about what he says about jesus. he could be an atheist and I would still think the same of him, the message of jesus does not bother me in the least, since I do not believe he ever walked this earth.
    sing4thelord3: I hope you will reconsider one day. I really do. Because it does sadden my heart to hear things like this. But, you have a great evening and take care of yourself.
    violent_cupcake: okay

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