What was he called???

  • Here is a little chat in CC2 yet again. This time I asked the room of sheep a single thing after trading a few insults with LtBob. You know the arrogant sheep who cannot apologize for himself, and needs jesus to tell him he is sorry, anyway.... I asked the room to show where it is at in the bible that jesus was directly called Immanuel, or Emmanuel. DIRECTLY. Problem all their answers were the wrong ones. And I will tell you why, it is not in the bible at all!!!! Funny huh?

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    ltbob2001: This stupidity of questioning God, why did HE THIS, why did HE THAT< WHAT IF, etcetera is absolutely stupid. God answers them in Deut. 29:29 and in Isaiah when God tells us HIs ways and HIS thought are not our thoughts. Why are we questioning God? Sounds stupid does it not or am I the only one who sees the stupidity of these conversations?
    squirrelofyahshua: greetings
    ltbob2001: Boy! This gets old fast!! A few select people TRYING to impress us with what ThEY think is such intellectual snobbery!!
    squirrelofyahshua: well I see something's never change...
    squirrelofyahshua: ltbob for one, still arrogant I see.

    ruffrider_ou812: you know bob tree rat??
    ltbob2001: Hi squirred: have missed your sarcasm. Welcome back!!
    squirrelofyahshua: lol bob,yes the sarcasm is back !
    squirrelofyahshua: although bob, you had my sarcasm under the violent cupcake....

    ltbob2001: Paul had his revelation DIRECT form God. I would listen to him any time. Come to think about it, I can listen to him by reading his epistles. Clubs would NOT have the same enrichment spiritually for me.
    squirrelofyahshua: bob, if I had a revelation from god would you listen to me?
    ruffrider_ou812: I get revelations squirrel
    squirrelofyahshua: do you ruff?
    ltbob2001: From past experience after listening to you squirrel, I would not be surprised if you were to try to convince me you are God HIMSELF!!!
    ruffrider_ou812: I see things to
    ruffrider_ou812: I also hear voices
    ltbob2001: But then again, I would KNOW you are a liar!
    squirrelofyahshua: well bob, you would have to prove me to be a liar. I don't think you do that, but after listening to you suck up to the other "believers", you would buy it hook line a sinker.
    ruffrider_ou812: bob is going to burn in hell squirrel
    ltbob2001: Your reputation proceeds you squirred but you are like a fresh of bad air in the room. I have missed you buddy!!
    squirrelofyahshua: well now bob, I know you cannot read your bible, and your attempts at apologetics are a laugh,
    ruffrider_ou812: I don't think squirrel likes you bob
    squirrelofyahshua: prolly not ruff
    ltbob2001: I quote scripture and i guess you can not handle that. YOu are an intellectual snob who struts what you think is exalted intelligence: come to think about that, that is what satan did too,is it not?
    squirrelofyahshua: lol bob, you quote scripture, and you think that should impress me and others, the thing is if you really knew what your bible said, and how is was put together, you would not be all arrogant for god, and come as brainwashes sheep, who cannot think critically, know what I mean? As for me being a snob, well being jealous is one ting bob, I forgive you for that, but one thing I am is realistic, and confident in my knowledge about your bible and belief system, and that scares you.
    ltbob2001: Read Phillipians 2:5-13 and you will get your answer: it is in the bible. READ IT!!
    squirrelofyahshua: bob, read james 1:26 and you will see you!
    ltbob2001: I not only read it, I STUDY it!! ANd memorize verses too!!
    squirrelofyahshua: then bob if you study it, you know the virgin birth prophecy was to be fulfilled by the child of who? not mary.....
    ltbob2001: The prophesy does not tell WHO CHrist would be born by. That is not hard to figure out. Mary was surprised herself.
    squirrelofyahshua: bob, another prophecy, where was jesus ever called immanuel? or emmanuel??
    revelatorlisa: what about....immanuel...God is with us?
    Tm_7_day: ememanual is what the mission of Jesus is
    repent_and_believe_the_gospel: Read Isaiah 53
    Tm_7_day: the mission of Jesus was to prove that salvation is in God alone
    squirrelofyahshua: Is 8:8 - And it shall pass through Judah; it shall overflow and go over, it shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of your land, O Immanu’el.
    squirrelofyahshua: Isaiah’s own declaration in Is 8:18 -
    Here I am, and the children, whom the L-rd has given me, are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the L-rd of Hosts, Who dwells on Mount Zion.
    squirrelofyahshua: Next, let’s go to the son mentioned in Chapter 8, whose name is Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz(Is 8:3), which translates as ‘Plunder-Hastens-Spoil-Quickens’, and there’s no question here either that this boy is Isaiah’s son – it is states so explicitly in v. 3 -
    And I got close to the prophetess; and she conceived, and bore a son. Then said the L-rd to me, “Call his name Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz”.
    squirrelofyahshua: repent, show me where jesus was directly called immanuel?? can you??

    repent_and_believe_the_gospel: ISAIAH 7:14
    squirrelofyahshua: repent, that does not call jesus anything, thanks for playing, also keep in mind that immanuel is a son of isaiah, and we see this son in chapter 8 verse 8.
    repent_and_believe_the_gospel: Nope, Thats Wrong Squirrel, Iol, Isaiah 7:14, Says, "BORN OF A VIRGIN, THATS JESUS MY FRIEND,
    soldier4him9596: 1Co 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
    repent_and_believe_the_gospel: Jesus=God In THE FLESH, HE WAS GODS SON......
    repent_and_believe_the_gospel: The Bible says " ALL THINGS WERE CREATED BY HIM FOR HIM(Jesus) THAT MAKES HIM GOD, IN THE Flesh........
    squirrelofyahshua: jesus was a jewish carpenter that was not happy with his lot in life, so he became a radical preacher, got uppity with the jews, and rome, and was killed for it. nuff said
    revelatorlisa: immanuel and emmanuel both in greek and hebrew mean the same......God with us.
    repent_and_believe_the_gospel: LOL@ squirrel
    squirrelofyahshua: somebody tell me where jesus was called emmanuel directly....

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