I would love to talk, but I am a liar!

  • Here is Redwolfe_98, a wanna be JW. He has no clue about half the stuff he talks about. The other JW's distance themselves from this guy. As do the christians. We had a little talk about the NIV translation of the bible, which will be included on these pages, and it did not fair well for him. He had his ass handed to him. My position was that the NIV was not a reliable translation. As you will see below, Redwolfe really has no clue either way it goes. And he is a liar, notice in the beginning he would love to talk about the bible, and then later in the talk he changes his mind, simply because I do not believe in the bible. What him closely gentle reader!

  • violent_cupcake: when shall we continue our NIV conversation?
    redwolfe_98: hey cupcake..
    redwolfe_98: I dont even remember the conversation but i would love to have any discussion on the bible..
    redwolfe_98: sorry i dont remember..
    violent_cupcake: I think you do.
    redwolfe_98: i do remember our talking though..
    violent_cupcake: I was of the position that the niv was not a reliable translation of the bible.
    redwolfe_98: i am trying to recall if i know you by another name..but i cant remember what it is..
    redwolfe_98: but i dont mind discussing it with you..regardless
    violent_cupcake: quadriplegic kittens, I am also the squirrel....
    redwolfe_98: yes squirrel..
    redwolfe_98: there are some things i dont like about the niv..
    violent_cupcake: such as?
    redwolfe_98: plil 2:6..
    redwolfe_98: and the wording at the beginning of john i though was peculiar
    violent_cupcake: yes.
    redwolfe_98: i dont have a lot to say about it...
    redwolfe_98: usually people want to compare the nwt with the kjv..
    violent_cupcake: I do not think it is reliable, it removes to many verses, mis translates words, and actually downplays for the most part the divinity of jesus and his blood,
    redwolfe_98: can you cite a placewhere you think it has removed the divinity of Christ?
    violent_cupcake: hold on.......
    redwolfe_98: i just like that it is base on the same text as the NWT giving credence to the NWT
    violent_cupcake: well to be honest, I think all translations are not reliable, they are based upon copies of copies, not the original...
    violent_cupcake: okay the first one that would downplay Jesus is col 1:14 it removes through his blood....
    violent_cupcake: john 3:16 read his one and only son, not begotten son....

    redwolfe_98: well get a nwt..
    redwolfe_98: i guess they didnt like the idea of Jesus being begotten..born
    violent_cupcake: hmmmm
    violent_cupcake: could be

    redwolfe_98: when you speak of christ divinity, that apparently can mean different things..
    violent_cupcake: I would agree
    redwolfe_98: the scriptures support christ being divine, but not that he was the one true god jehovah
    violent_cupcake: well, again I would disagree, mainly because I do not hold the scriptures to be true.
    redwolfe_98: i shoud study what the word divine means..
    redwolfe_98: and whether you hold them to be true or not, they do support christ's being divine
    redwolfe_98: however, Jesus is gods son, not God
    violent_cupcake: well I would agree on the Jesus not being god ...
    redwolfe_98: this discussion is confusing..you argue the niv does not support christs divinity, and then say you do not believe Jesus is God..
    redwolfe_98: which is what i assumed is what you meant by christ divinity
    redwolfe_98: were you raised a catholic?
    redwolfe_98: i guess you are anti-bible period..
    violent_cupcake: well I am an atheist, and did you even read what I typed?
    violent_cupcake: while I find certain teachings of the bible to be of value, i do not think it is a divine work
    violent_cupcake: the removal of certain phrases points to the lessening of the divinity of christ,
    violent_cupcake: it also associates lucifer with Jesus
    violent_cupcake: also keep in mind the argument is that it is not a reliable translation, not just the point of the lessening of the divinity of christ,...
    violent_cupcake: I should have worded my initial position a little better. Sorry
    violent_cupcake: still there?

    redwolfe_98: i use the new world translation from the watch tower society
    violent_cupcake: JW?
    redwolfe_98: yes
    violent_cupcake: okay
    redwolfe_98: i told you i dont have much to say about the niv..
    redwolfe_98: i wish i could help you but if you have no appreciation for god's word..
    redwolfe_98: there is no foundation for discussion
    violent_cupcake: why do i have no appreciation for it? because I am an atheist?
    redwolfe_98: violent_cupcake: while i find things of the bible to be of value, i do not think it is a divine work
    violent_cupcake: yes.
    violent_cupcake: it seems if you are taking out a cop out

    redwolfe_98: i am aware that is what you would think
    violent_cupcake: *sigh*
    violent_cupcake: you know, i could say that we have no foundation to talk of, but since you are a JW, we cannot talk about this, as you are deceived and have no real appreciation of the word of god.

    violent_cupcake: it works both ways.
    violent_cupcake: and since the conversation is about how reliable the niv is, not the divine origin of the bible in whole. Do you understand that?

    redwolfe_98: I am not hung up on the niv..
    redwolfe_98: or any other translation
    redwolfe_98: but I daunt waste my time discussing the bible with people who dont believe in it
    violent_cupcake: aha, so in other words you lied to me before??
    violent_cupcake: so you are a liar then?
    violent_cupcake: hello?

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