I know a lot, but cannot back anything up!!

  • After a long pause, the Sheepmaster returns! Here we have a little sheep roast, where the happy christian get the ass handing. As you could guess I am in bold.

  • jwockenfus: if you saying God is a myth it is like saying I am not a live I am dead
    therefore_god_exists: really? how so?
    jwockenfus: because God give us all life without god the world will be gone
    therefore_god_exists: really? how do you know?
    jwockenfus: ask God do not ask me
    therefore_god_exists: i am asking you, you come off as if you know this is a fact. yet you cannot support your fact.
    therefore_god_exists: can you prove that there is a god? yes or no?
    jwockenfus: you are living
    therefore_god_exists: lol... not good enough my parents had sexx over 30 years ago... try again.
    therefore_god_exists: not tooooo bright are you?
    jwockenfus: stop being a idiot and read the truth
    therefore_god_exists: read what truth? you cannot even answer a simple question, how can i know what truth is coming from you? not that bright.
    jwockenfus: read the Bible God done not made the Bible for nothing he made the Bible for people of faith and the hole world to lern about him
    jwockenfus: so what is the problem
    jwockenfus: are you here
    therefore_god_exists: yeah, i am waiting for something intelligent.
    therefore_god_exists: reading the bible is a joke,.
    therefore_god_exists: the bible is nothing more than a collection of stories from sheep herders. and their superstitions.
    therefore_god_exists: there is nothing of value in the bible, nor is there any proof for god in the bible.
    therefore_god_exists: sorry.

    jwockenfus: so you think that you are of no value
    therefore_god_exists: i am of value... your bible is not.
    therefore_god_exists: get it right.

    jwockenfus: are you a Atheist if so you are in the wrong room go to the Atheist room
    therefore_god_exists: i see you cannot hold your own anymore. i thought so.
    jwockenfus: Atheist thinks the same thing like you
    therefore_god_exists: you see, when you resort to statements like that, i know that i am dealing with an ignorant christian, ignorant in so far that you have no idea about your religion or bible, or how to deal with an atheist.
    therefore_god_exists: wrong. you show your ignorance once more. atheists do not all think as i do, and there are many people of other religions that hold your bible to be worthless.
    jwockenfus: I am not ignorant you just stupid
    therefore_god_exists: lol how am i stupid?
    therefore_god_exists: please elaborate for me since you are so smart.
    therefore_god_exists: also, it is you're.

    jwockenfus: you not believe in never
    therefore_god_exists: you need to take english lessons.
    jwockenfus: you not believe in nothing and I not worships things i worship God
    therefore_god_exists: like i said... english lessons would be good.
    therefore_god_exists: you dont know what i believe in...
    therefore_god_exists: also, you may want to learn some critical thought as well.
    therefore_god_exists: that is what i thought

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