Reverse Phsyco Babble!!!!!!!!!

  • Here we have a little fun thing with a new sheep, and this weird fucker that was all cussing and shit. It gets funny. They are all like trying to love this guy, and then come along Jaun.... boy o boy! GLORY!!!

  • You are in "Christian Chat:3"( For discussions about the Christian filth. )

    serial_killer_4_christ: wasup room
    karla_nick2001: i think all of you dont believe in god should get out of the christian chat
    serial_killer_4_christ: karla... i think you shoudl stop being a christ nazi
    saved_by_grace_born_again: karla...that's not how we'll win souls for God though
    salas23224: Why waste your time with this folks, We need to pray for them !
    karla_nick2001: well and you shouldnt be swearing if your a christian
    saved_by_grace_born_again: God woke me up this morning and blessed me with another day with my beautiful baby boy and my husband
    serial_killer_4_christ: why pray, if it makes god change his mind, then he is not onmimax.... he already knows what is going to happen, there is nothing you can do to stop it
    serial_killer_4_christ: CAN I GET AN AMEN????
    searchallthings: is a fag a cigarette
    searchallthings: expleatives
    lastwhite_dragonsprit: LOL, in some slang launguages,search
    serial_killer_4_christ: search the english call them fags.... it is not slang for them
    salas23224: I'm out there is entirely too much cussing!
    gothic_clown420: fuck you salas
    serial_killer_4_christ: salas fag is not cussing... you live a far to sheltered life
    searchallthings: gothic is sad
    gothic_clown420: no
    gothic_clown420: i'm fuckin happy
    searchallthings: JESUS LOVES you goth
    gothic_clown420: fuck jesus
    searchallthings: you dont sound happy
    gothic_clown420: fuck you
    serial_killer_4_christ: actually you all are doing what goth wants you to do.... which is to pay attention to him
    juandadonramon: whats the deal baby
    gothic_clown420: you dumbasses is what's wrong with me
    juandadonramon: Hey Tell me why I should read exodus
    searchallthings: whats a dumbasses
    juandadonramon: I just started reading the bible
    lastwhite_dragonsprit: His lack of Faith in Jesus has him in turmoil.
    searchallthings: goth oh dear
    serial_killer_4_christ: sure goth what ever
    gothic_clown420: fuck you
    juandadonramon: Goth start that stuff else where you Satan Employee
    juandadonramon: you suck
    gothic_clown420: fuck you juan
    juandadonramon: shut it up
    gothic_clown420: you will burn in hell with the rest of us
    juandadonramon: Dumb gothic stupid gothic
    serial_killer_4_christ: juan now you do as goth wishes you to do
    gothic_clown420: yes, i guess i'm not smart
    serial_killer_4_christ: CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!
    juandadonramon: One who has no Light in his heart Light=Jesus is one who is always hating their self killer and goth
    searchallthings: what do you know about the lake of fire goth,?
    gothic_clown420: you burn for all eternity
    gothic_clown420: that's good enough for me
    serial_killer_4_christ: juan i do not hate myself.... do not make an assertion you cannot back up
    juandadonramon: serial killer and Gothic You are in need of Jesus we cant get to god first you need to get to Jesus first
    serial_killer_4_christ: jaun like i said before.... do not assert
    juandadonramon: you have assumed
    juandadonramon: I am one who knows by the way of someones words
    gothic_clown420: that's just the way it has always been
    serial_killer_4_christ: jaun then please show me how i hate myself? can you do that? no you cannot.
    juandadonramon: Your words say you are depressed your probably depressed and dont know it
    gothic_clown420: fuck you dumbass
    juandadonramon: Jesus is God's son
    yousuf_alvi: NOPE
    serial_killer_4_christ: jaun you are laughable.... please show me where my words alude to this please?
    juandadonramon: You have to get to Jesus first then He will introduce you to GOD
    juandadonramon: Gothic you are a whore of satan
    serial_killer_4_christ: you make an assertion, i called you on, how does that render me as hating myself?
    gothic_clown420: fuck you
    gothic_clown420: i need no prayer
    gothic_clown420: i need some acid right about now
    juandadonramon: You are also a Whore of satan killer
    juandadonramon: i can tell
    juandadonramon: Yeah gothic you need to get outthis room
    serial_killer_4_christ: juan, i think it is you who needs jesus.
    gothic_clown420: so
    gothic_clown420: fuck you juan
    juandadonramon: I have jesus
    gothic_clown420: i ain't goin nowhere
    serial_killer_4_christ: no juan, your words to goth tell me otherwise, your words to me tell me otherwise.
    searchallthings: goth dont go stay,
    juandadonramon: But Idont typed this for nothing
    juandadonramon: Hey i cant controll it
    gothic_clown420: i'm staying
    gothic_clown420: fuck you alll
    gothic_clown420: fuckin die
    searchallthings: good
    serial_killer_4_christ: your spirit is not of christ juan you need jesus more than anyone here.
    juandadonramon: Im possesed with the Holy spirit of Jesus Im almost to GOD
    serial_killer_4_christ: you actions show it to be so.
    gothic_clown420: he can keep on loving me, i'll continue hating him
    serial_killer_4_christ: no juan, you are not
    juandadonramon: Hint hint
    gothic_clown420: i wanna burn in hell
    gothic_clown420: jackass
    serial_killer_4_christ: juan you are deluded you have an evil spirit in you, look how you treated goth, jesus would not have done that
    gothic_clown420: you will burn too
    juandadonramon: Serial killer go get ravaged by satan you ......
    serial_killer_4_christ: again juan you do not show the love of your christ
    yousuf_alvi: NOPE
    juandadonramon: Gothic thou who dreams thou shall get
    deut8_3: you people are either outright immature, or just plain evil
    serial_killer_4_christ: how sad....
    deut8_3 left the room
    serial_killer_4_christ: how sad indeed
    juandadonramon: you will burn if you dont sya the ....better yet
    serial_killer_4_christ: juan you show your hatred for yourself.... your self esteem has been shattered by the great liar, and you have fallen for it. you need jesus.
    juandadonramon: D you (Yousuf Gothic and serial) want me to type the sinners prayer so you can start reading the bible
    juandadonramon: I have no more to say
    juandadonramon: I have self esteem
    juandadonramon: I just got out the Mental house
    serial_killer_4_christ: juan i know the bible better than you ever will hope to, and by your actions here in this room, you have shown what a mockery of christ you are.
    juandadonramon: Goth Serial
    juandadonramon: DO you
    serial_killer_4_christ: juan i would suggest you start with James 1:26
    serial_killer_4_christ: that is you

    juandadonramon: Do you guys want me to type the sinners prayer on here so you can repent and start all over
    jesuschristwarrior joined the room
    serial_killer_4_christ: juan, why do you say i need jesus when it is you , by your actions, that need jesus far more than i?
    gothic_clown420: this is my god (grabs my dick)
    juandadonramon: ill check that out james 1:26 huh
    gothic_clown420: the only god there is
    serial_killer_4_christ: i have not said one hate filled thing here.
    juandadonramon: I am god enough
    juandadonramon: I got my own Lord's Prayer and I say the sinners prayer ALOT
    serial_killer_4_christ: yet you have attakced me, and my character, implied that i am going to hell, never asked me if i had jesus,.....
    serial_killer_4_christ: that says alot about you juan
    serial_killer_4_christ: you need to repent.

    gothic_clown420: god sucks
    gothic_clown420: like you serial
    gothic_clown420: fuck you search
    searchallthings: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for goth

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