• Greetings gentle reader! Welcome to Talking Sheep! These pages will collect my chats with Christians and the like, and edit all the unwanted fluff. Some of these texts are just plain funny, and show how messed up some sheep are! Some are kinda serious conversations, and some are just stupid. Hope you enjoy. And if you have a chat text saved or two that you feel is good enough for others to enjoy and laugh at, feel free to send them my way. Just send them to

  • The hatred of donkeys!!!! NEW!!!
    A funny little ditty for you to enjoy. I think the poor sheep was more than lost!!
    Jesus wants you to put out you little bitch !!!! NEW!!!
    Here we have godly advice for a chcik who wants to know jesus' plan for her love life!
    Christian wants to fuck the Squirrel !!!! NEW!!!
    Freak boy witha bent for the cock in this one gentle reader!!
    Enoch died damn you!!!!
    Another sheep that reads the bible through the wool of stupidity. Enjoy.
    I know nothing but I know something!!!!
    Here we have an interesting sheep roast you will enjoy, in the fine tradition of the Sheep Master!!
    The voice of god, and satan's UFO!!!
    Another righteous sheep gives it to the Squirrel gentle reader!!
    Dumb ass Bastard??
    Another righteous sheep gives it to the Squirrel gentle reader!!
    Are you daft??
    Major1_general gets his ass handed to him yet again!
    Plan for your life.
    A somewhat serious conversation to show that there are sheep out there, that are not THAT delusional.
    What the huh??
    The latest happy stuff from everyone's favorite Sheep Master! PRAISE!!
    Giving the Dog a bone
    Hmm interesting talk I had here. You may enjoy it. GLORY!!
    Can you back it up yo??
    Back at last!!! Enjoy the newest from the Sheep Master!!
    Can you reason or just give canned answers?
    For the return of the sheep master, we have a happy little Christian that just gave canned answers and silly reasons for god and their belief. I had fun with this one, but after a bit it got boring. ENJOY!!!
    The christians are not a solid entity!
    Here we have a sheep that agrees with the Squirrel, and the proof of how christians do not stick together...
    The Sheep finally admit to some things!!!
    Here we have a sheep admit to things all christians should admit tooooooo!!!!
    Do you know the love of Thor?
    PouncenRaven brings us a wee bit of madness from the AOL God Is A Myth chat room. Here we see the Thorists doing battle with an evil Athorits!!!!
    Do you understand?
    Another chapter of the Refiners Saga. It is like talking to a wall. A Wall of Sheep.
    What the hell is going on here?
    Another little ditty you may enjoy!!
    Gold Mine of Love!!
    True love of of a true Christian.
    Another little ditty you may enjoy!!
    Baby Christians Killing God!!
    A little ditty you may enjoy!!
    Sexy Chat!!
    A Christian wanted to cyber.. and got a wee bit more than he bargained for!!
    Honestly He Loves Me!!
    Honest_questions is back in action, another sheep has fallen victim!!!
    The art of Bullshit 2!!
    Here we go with sir_bovine and his first addition to the Sheep Master, the target sheep was refiners_fire, whom I have baled before. Enjoy!!
    Here we have honest_questions in action! You will love this sheep bake!
    Other Planets!!
    There may be more than just us out there. Big universe. But that would mean Jesus would have to ......actually it has nothing to really do with this.
    The God of Terror!!
    God has a reason to kill you on an act of terrorism.
    The Wall of Sheep 1 !!
    Part one of a very interesting chat I had....
    The Wall of Sheep 2 !!
    Part two of the Wall of Sheep.
    The Wall of Sheep 3 !!
    Part three of the Wall of Sheep.
    The Vicar of Bullshit!!
    An all new old Bullshit!
    You hate god!!
    Refining the Art of Bullshit!
    Wall of Sheep! NEW!!!!
    Just like screaming at a wall!!!!!!
    Your Mom's Dick!
    The latest chat I had with a Christian, and it is sooo full of the love of Christ.
    Wanna Fuck?
    I get a little cyber from an idiot, but I use it to tell him of Jesus!!!! PRAISE!!!!
    Sistah Luv returns in classic form!!! GLORY!!!
    Reverse Psycho Babble!!!!
    If The Jen can do it so can I. It gets weird in here..
    Ass Demons!!!!
    Not really a sheep assault gentle reader, but funny as all hell!! Another CC2 regular and me were talking...
    What was J called???
    The inability to answer a simple question. And a few insults to keep you all happy gentle readers!!!!
    Commie Bastards!!
    All atheists are communists dammit!!!! RED COMMIE BASTARDS!
    Plastic Beatdown!!
    The Island's very own Sistah Love beats the sheep down with reason and logic! PRAISE!!
    Another sheep shows the love of the lord gentle reader!!
    You big LIAR HEAD!!
    Another happy sheep lies to the Squirrel!
    Jesus says I am SORRY!!
    The false apology from a sheep gentle reader!
    Lets Fight Atheist Person!!
    The Jen sends this little happy chat with a sheep gentle reader! PRAISE!!
    Jesus Loves U!!
    Another Jen adventure!
    Hate Filled Moron
    This was a nasty little love filled message from a sheep I met in the yahoo Christian chat room 2. PRAISE GOD!
    The Doctrine Wars!
    One night in the chats I decided to act like a game show ref, and give a score by score posting of a voice conversation. It is a bit long, and the voice is missing, but I think there is enough there to get a gist, and and good laugh!
    Do Christians still sin?
    Here is a little chat about sin, and if god is in a person who sins. The verses I was using in the main room are listed at the beginning of the chat text for reference.
    Reason for Allah
    Here is a rather pleasant talk I had with a Muslim gentle reader, and a serious one for the most part. Enjoy!
    Closed Minds?
    Here is a little ditty from a sheep showing closed minds at work. Thinking IN THE BOX and that is all.
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