Honest He Loves Me!

  • Here we go again! Honest_questions strikes yet once more, and another Island Sheep Master is born. I love this, and you may love this as well. Be sure to check back as honest_questions strikes back at the sheep!.

  • honest_questions: are you christian?
    lil_lady355: i try
    lil_lady355: i am not perfect
    lil_lady355: are you
    honest_questions: ummm i have a question... and saw your one reply to me in the room.
    honest_questions: yes i am a christian
    lil_lady355: i'll try to help
    lil_lady355: are you there
    honest_questions: well... okay. here goes.. my friend told me he is in love with me... i am a guy as well.. i know what the bible says.. but i think i have feeligns as well for him... does this mean i am going to hell?
    lil_lady355: i would have to say yes
    lil_lady355: god loves you
    lil_lady355: but it is a sin
    honest_questions: but if god loves me.... why would he send me to hell.... for loving another one of his creation?
    lil_lady355: its in the bible
    honest_questions: so i am doomed to hell for the sin of love?
    lil_lady355: that kind of love yes
    honest_questions: i do not really understand.. you know? i thought the same way at first, but after it happened to me i cannot see how i should be doomed to hell.
    lil_lady355: hon read your bible
    honest_questions: i have.... and that is the thing that hurts....
    honest_questions: i do not want to go to hell....

    lil_lady355: then change
    lil_lady355: stay away from that guy
    honest_questions: he is my friend.... and i would love him agape style as well...
    lil_lady355: how old are you
    honest_questions: 30
    lil_lady355: look in romans chapter 2 last part of it
    honest_questions: i know.... i have read it as well....
    honest_questions: that is what makes it sooo bad

    lil_lady355: then go by it
    lil_lady355: tell him you want him for a friend
    lil_lady355: and that is all
    lil_lady355: and pray alot
    honest_questions: i have prayed... a lot
    honest_questions: i think i would want more from him.... he is wonderful!

    lil_lady355: a woman can be wonderful too
    lil_lady355: my god do you realize what you are saying
    lil_lady355: sex with a man how sickening
    lil_lady355: i love all ppl but i do not love wnat they do
    honest_questions: i think it is not all that bad, not that i have had sex with him... at one time i was sickened by the thought.... but after it happened to me.. it is a bit different now... and it is playing hell with my faith!!
    lil_lady355: i can not imagine having sex with a woman
    lil_lady355: that is so degrading
    honest_questions: hmmmmm
    honest_questions: well thanks for the answers... i appreciate the christian perspective.

    lil_lady355: yw
    lil_lady355: god bless

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