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Can you reason?

  • Here we have an interesting little chat as the return of the Sheep Master hits us! We get the canned answers and tired arguments from Green this time around. It got old after a while, and the use of any logic failed. Enjoy!!!!

  • thegreenpurse: hi
    thegreenpurse: One thing you must agree that you are a sinner like the rest of uf.
    thegreenpurse: You must agree you need help living a HOLY , PURE and RIGHTEOUS life.
    thegreenpurse: You can only live a sinless life with Jesus help.
    thegreenpurse: He died for you on the cross. Only Jesus can wash your past sins away.
    thegreenpurse: You cannot wash your own sins away.
    thegreenpurse: Without Jesus , you perish.
    squirrel624: sorry i am not a sinner.
    thegreenpurse: The bible says we are all born sinners.
    squirrel624: the bible has no authorty over me.
    thegreenpurse: Have you ever told one lie?
    squirrel624: sure, many, but that does not mean I am a sinner.
    thegreenpurse: My Holy God has authority on you.
    thegreenpurse: You told one lie, makes you a sinner. All have sin.
    squirrel624: i am sorry, but sin is a concept that only has meaning to you and your belief system.
    thegreenpurse: God is Holy, Pure and Righteous.
    squirrel624: so you say.
    thegreenpurse: What do you want to teach?
    squirrel624: teach? people to think...
    thegreenpurse: Do you want to teach that sinning is OK?
    squirrel624: again sin is a concept valid only to you
    thegreenpurse: You are under the Law of God. You must obey the law or you sin.
    thegreenpurse: You are a sinners too.
    thegreenpurse: You are under the law
    thegreenpurse: The law rules you. the law governs you. t
    squirrel624: again you assume these things, and try to hold me to "your" standards, you cannot do this, as I do not accept your religion as a valid standard for my life.
    thegreenpurse: The law proves that you are a sinner too.
    thegreenpurse: You disobey the law and go to jail.
    squirrel624: again you are using terms that mean anything only to you.
    squirrel624: define law,
    squirrel624: define sin+
    squirrel624: define god.
    thegreenpurse: Define jail.
    squirrel624: your concpets are not valid or holding anything in anyway to me
    squirrel624: define law.
    squirrel624: you want me to be held accountable to your definitons...yet your definitions are meaningless. they are all bound to your religion.
    thegreenpurse: You run a red light, you get a traffic ticket.
    squirrel624: so, you are saying your gods laws are the same as traffic laws?
    thegreenpurse: You break the law, you go to jail.
    thegreenpurse: God's laws are higher than traffic laws and man's laws.
    squirrel624: aha, define gods laws. define sin. your sin is pointless to me. I am not a sinner.
    thegreenpurse: Do you want to be set free from sin? Jesus can help you. He loves you very much.
    squirrel624: sigh....
    squirrel624: i do not need freedom from your concept of sin.
    squirrel624: can you understand that?
    thegreenpurse: God says all have sin and that includes you too.
    thegreenpurse: Hell is made for those who do not accept Jesus as their personal Savior.
    thegreenpurse: Jesus can save you from hell.
    thegreenpurse: hell is a terrible place to live forever.
    thegreenpurse: Hell is a burning place.
    squirrel624: you are talking at me... not with me.,
    squirrel624: it is typical.
    squirrel624: and sad.
    thegreenpurse: The bible says this about hell. Only Jesus can saaave you. Believe Him now.
    thegreenpurse: Jesus died for all of your sins. Jesus was punish for your sins on the cross. He wants you to live with Him in Heaven. What a Savior we have that loves us so much..
    squirrel624: okay, show the bible is reliable then. prove it to me.
    squirrel624: your bible is not reliable.
    squirrel624: unless you can show otherwise.
    thegreenpurse: Your own soul proves that you are in need of something. You need Jesus.
    thegreenpurse: Oh God Oh Father show "squirrell624" that you love him and want him to live with you in heaven.
    squirrel624: my own soul? lol prove i have a soul please, without special pleading to your unreliable bible.
    thegreenpurse: Prove that you don't feel pain, hunger, cold.
    squirrel624: you do not get it do you?
    thegreenpurse: What do you want to do with your life?
    thegreenpurse: What is your purpose for living?
    squirrel624: you claim i have a soul, you prove it. pain hunger cold are all mundane concepts that are not argued against, the soul on the other hand is a concept that no one can define properly...
    squirrel624: you make claims, if you cannot back these claims, then dont make them.
    squirrel624: my purpose for living, is what i give it. i do not need you or your concept of god, to define my purpose. can you understand that?
    thegreenpurse: There is life in Jesus. Life is worth with Jesus.
    thegreenpurse: Jesus is the giver of life. Jesus died for you on the cross.
    squirrel624: okay, you do not understand. its okay.
    squirrel624: you are giving me canned answers that you are programmed to do.
    thegreenpurse: We will die one of these days.What then.?
    thegreenpurse: We are more than a mere animal, a dog or a rat. We are made in the image of the living God.
    thegreenpurse: You are very precious to God. He gave His own Son, Jesus to die on the cross for you.
    squirrel624: prove we are the image of god.
    squirrel624: you make all these claims back them up
    thegreenpurse: Just look in the mirrow.
    squirrel624: no, wrong answer.
    thegreenpurse: Look in the mirrow and you have your proof. right answer.
    squirrel624: nope your opinion. do yuo see that?
    thegreenpurse: Prove that the answer is not in the mirrow.
    squirrel624: i can see my parents in me, i can see my ancestors in me... i do not see a god.
    squirrel624: refuted...yopur turn
    thegreenpurse: Have you ever seen God.?
    squirrel624: no, have you?
    thegreenpurse: you are made in the image of God. Look in the mirrow.
    squirrel624: you keep saying that, you were refuted.
    thegreenpurse: Noone has seen God.
    squirrel624: wait, the bible said people did see god...
    squirrel624: moses saw god, jacob saw god....
    thegreenpurse: Have you looked in the mirrow yet.
    squirrel624: the word is mirror.... i do not need to look in the mirror, i know what i will see, and it is not the image of god. sorry.
    thegreenpurse: It is the image of God. Have you seen God.
    thegreenpurse: ?
    squirrel624: there is no image of god in the mirror, you are talking in circles. now lets get back to seeing god, the bible says people did see god...
    squirrel624: how wbout that?
    thegreenpurse: God wants you to live with Him in heaven
    squirrel624: you are doing it again
    thegreenpurse: God adores you.
    squirrel624: prove this please.
    squirrel624: can you??
    thegreenpurse: Prove that you are here.
    squirrel624: LOL
    squirrel624: you are funny
    thegreenpurse: Jesus loves you and died on the crsoss for your sins. That is the proof.. It is in the Bible.
    squirrel624: the bible is not reliable...
    squirrel624: can you even think for yourself?
    squirrel624: or do you just give the canned answers for your belief, which makes you feel better?
    thegreenpurse: Then no book is reliable. The bible is the most reliable book in sthe world.
    squirrel624: the bible is not reliable. unless of course you can show it to be, and just say it is.... show it,
    squirrel624: i notice you are silent now.
    squirrel624: okay
    thegreenpurse: Do you have a bible. Read your holy Bible.
    squirrel624: i have 20 different versions of your bible
    thegreenpurse: "King James Version"
    squirrel624: LOL.... that version is not as reliable as others... you are funny
    thegreenpurse: It is the best version.']
    squirrel624: how so?
    squirrel624: it was based upon tyndale and henrrys translations,
    thegreenpurse: What do you have to loose in believeing Jesus.
    squirrel624: lol
    squirrel624: what do i have to gain?
    thegreenpurse: I shaal go now Bye
    squirrel624: sure. nice to see that you christians can really back your belief up,. take care.
    thegreenpurse: ok bye

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