Haitiguy wants me!

  • Here is a the chat from this haitian guy that thought I was a chick, and wanted to cyber. Being the rare thing it is since I did not go looking for this one, I have saved it for you to enjoy gentle readers!!!

  • haiti30guy: i am horny
    quadriplegic_kittens: and?
    haiti30guy: i need all your attention
    quadriplegic_kittens: lol sure.... what ever.... you need jesus
    haiti30guy: i need you on your knees
    quadriplegic_kittens: nope, you need to ask jesus into you heart
    haiti30guy: no you neeed to ask my chocolate cok into your mouth
    quadriplegic_kittens: aha i see, but if you asked jesus into your heart you would never be alone, and you would not need any one else... you would not be sad and lonely anymore jesus loves you
    haiti30guy: well if you know am so alone
    haiti30guy: why arent you here
    quadriplegic_kittens: because jesus wants to be with you now, not me
    haiti30guy: fuk jesus
    haiti30guy: i want you
    quadriplegic_kittens: but jesus is better, i would leave you one day, and jesus is there for ever and will never leave you
    haiti30guy: after my chocolate cok been in your pussy ,,you willnever leave me
    quadriplegic_kittens: i see, but the thing is, jesus would be anything you would ever need, you would not want a women, or a man, jesus would take care of it all.
    haiti30guy: excuse me
    quadriplegic_kittens: jesus is what you are really looking for.... i can tell you want jesus
    haiti30guy: where you from kittens
    quadriplegic_kittens: from the love of jesus.... that is where, do you want to know more about jesus?
    haiti30guy: do you have a pic
    quadriplegic_kittens: not here..... do you have an email i could send it too? i do not have it on the net....
    haiti30guy: sure darlin
    haiti30guy: add yahoo.com after my name
    quadriplegic_kittens: gimme it.. and i will send it to you...
    haiti30guy: <--+yahoo.com
    quadriplegic_kittens: okay lemme find it, i am not all that good looking though
    haiti30guy: stop it baby
    haiti30guy: do not talk like that now,,
    haiti30guy: am waitin
    quadriplegic_kittens: i am looking for it now.... please wait
    haiti30guy: send me as many pic you have darlin ,, i wanna see all of you
    quadriplegic_kittens: stay here, i need to reboot, my server will not take the maillll
    haiti30guy: okay lover,,
    haiti30guy: hold on
  • haiti30guy: waitin for you now
    quadriplegic_kittens: my puter is uploading...
    haiti30guy: alright
    haiti30guy: how old are u baby
    quadriplegic_kittens: yahoo.com right?
    haiti30guy: yes baby
    haiti30guy: answer my question
    quadriplegic_kittens: 35
    haiti30guy: alright
    haiti30guy: where from
    quadriplegic_kittens: holland
    quadriplegic_kittens: yahoo.com yes?
    quadriplegic_kittens: i have the pics now.

    haiti30guy: am waitin
    quadriplegic_kittens: your addy is yahoo.com ...... haiti30guy@yahoo.com yes?
    haiti30guy: yes
    quadriplegic_kittens: k
    quadriplegic_kittens: it is out to you ( you can see the pictures I sent him by clicking HERE and HERE!!!)
    quadriplegic_kittens: did you get them?

    haiti30guy: look am a black man
    haiti30guy: i do not believe in white jesus
    haiti30guy: i wanted to see a pic of you
    haiti30guy: well good bye now miss
    quadriplegic_kittens: but jesus loves you
    quadriplegic_kittens: and wants to be with you!, can i tell you about my jesus?

    haiti30guy: thanks you been tellin me plenty
    haiti30guy: thanks darliing
    haiti30guy: have a good day now
    quadriplegic_kittens: jesus loves you so much, he died for you!
    haiti30guy: no he die for you not me
    quadriplegic_kittens: no, he died for us all, it does not matter if you are white or black
    quadriplegic_kittens: have a nice life.... i will, i have jesus! And he is soooo sexy!!!!

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