A Gold Mine of Love.

  • Well, we have this little ditty from one of our CC2 regulars. He shows the true love of the Christian in this telling tale of the love of Christ manifest in this true believer. Enjoy this one! Our Sheep Herder´s responses will be in BOLD. Gold is the true Christian.

  • gold_miner_49r: well....whatever...lol"
    billy_laferty: will cussing bring your dead back
    gold_miner_49r: billy...are you ok?
    billy_laferty: go feel sorry for yourself and quit
    cussing people out
    gold_miner_49r: billy....are you a paRENT?
    billy_laferty: I don't like to be told fuck you by a

    billy_laferty: and you are a crybaby and fake
    gold_miner_49r: RNLDHN?
    billy_laferty: fuck you
    billy_laferty: fuck you

    gold_miner_49r: ok
    billy_laferty: you fake
    gold_miner_49r: thanx and fuck you and fuck your whole
    gold_miner_49r: billy....i love you any how
    billy_laferty: out of the same mouth comes blessing
    and cursing

    gold_miner_49r: and fuck me////ok
    gold_miner_49r: lol
    billy_laferty: you are a bad tree
    billy_laferty: you can't bear good fruit

    gold_miner_49r: billy....you arent a christian
    billy_laferty: all I see is not the I love you but the
    fuck you

    billy_laferty: go and make excuses for cussing me out
    , you have the room backing you up

    gold_miner_49r: you are of your father the devil
    billy_laferty: oh because I call you a liar and a
    hypocrite your defense is that i am not christian

    billy_laferty: how shallow
    billy_laferty: you are the one who cussed

    gold_miner_49r: fuck shallow
    billy_laferty: no excuses
    billy_laferty: tell me you are sorry in the room
    gold_miner_49r: you are just plain eviol and you go to
    hell fuckhead
    billy_laferty: admit you are wrong in public
    gold_miner_49r: evil prick go fuck yourself
    billy_laferty: I don't think you are man enough
    billy_laferty: you offended me
    billy_laferty: you are wrong
    gold_miner_49r: billy....close to pa?
    billy_laferty: you should never have said fuck you to

    billy_laferty: why did you say fuck you
    billy_laferty: did that get you close to god

    gold_miner_49r: come on over
    gold_miner_49r: billy....im ready to beayt yer ass
    billy_laferty: so you want to hurt me physically now
    gold_miner_49r: yup
    billy_laferty: after all words are not enough
    billy_laferty: you hypocrite

    gold_miner_49r: thats right
    billy_laferty: you want to beat me up
    billy_laferty: will that bring the dead back

    billy_laferty: you hypocrite
    gold_miner_49r: hey billy.....fuck you
    billy_laferty: you seem like you were a bad father
    gold_miner_49r: yas ready?
    gold_miner_49r: well....are ya?
    gold_miner_49r: billy,,,,,fuck you! I will beat the
    shit out of you. You are of the devil.
    billy_laferty: you are a poor excuse for a person too

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