• Well, this one is a little short for the Sheep MAster´s usual happiness, but I think you all will get a small kick outofit. Hope you like it. As usual, my responses are in bold text.

  • recreational_christianity: where do you get that jesus proved it?
    cobymichael: God raised him from the dead
    cobymichael: enough said
    recreational_christianity: where is your proof?
    recreational_christianity: dont say the bible....

    cobymichael: prophecy concerning the jew
    recreational_christianity: unless you can establish it as reliable
    cobymichael: god doesn't have to prove himself
    recreational_christianity: well the bible is not a proof.... and all we know about jesus is from the bible... now, if you can show the bible is reliable.... then you can say anything you want about proof... till then all you do is believe, and that is nothing in the way of proof
    cobymichael: many writers that don't believe in Jesus wrote about him
    cobymichael: pliny
    cobymichael: tactillius
    cobymichael: josephus
    cobymichael: non christians
    recreational_christianity: wrong answer. they are bout christians, interpolations, or never mention jesus by name... some mention only christians, or the name chrestus... a common freeman name....
    recreational_christianity: try again
    recreational_christianity: there is nothing outside of your bible.

    cobymichael: christos, meant the annointed one
    cobymichael: only one annointed one
    recreational_christianity: chrestus
    recreational_christianity: like i said, there is no reason to believe your claims of proof.

    cobymichael: your own concious bears witness to God
    recreational_christianity: again wrong
    recreational_christianity: you are assuming something for me. and you cannot do that.

    cobymichael: not to mention creation, and the ordered manner of the universe
    recreational_christianity: again you are using an argument for belief and not proof.
    cobymichael: does a good man accept worship if he isn't God?
    cobymichael: Jesus did
    cobymichael: is he good?
    recreational_christianity: if you claim your own personal experience as a proof, then you cannot dismiss my personal proof that he does not exist... double standard
    recreational_christianity: jesus is said to have accepted worship, but you have yet to show the bible is reliable.

    cobymichael: if you dismiss the created order of things, your a lair or ignorant
    recreational_christianity: again you are wrong. and what does your bible say about judging me, and calling me a liar... let alone ignorant.
    cobymichael: and a conversation is impossible under those conditions
    recreational_christianity: if you understood the nature of your arguments, then you would not use them as you do
    recreational_christianity: plus you use these arguments as if there is no other conclusion to be drawn.
    recreational_christianity: if you understood any of them you would know that they are arguments for a belief in a "god"..... these cannot be used as proof.... and they would not even show that your god is the god that created. do you see that? the only thing you have to define your god, or back it up is the bible, and that is not even close to reliable evidence.
    recreational_christianity: nice try though.

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