Sistah Luv Strikes Back!!!!!!!!!

  • The Island's very own Sistah Luv returns with more sheep abuse!! This episode we have dsawulski, another sheep that just talks the talk.

  • dsawulski: r u a christian
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: no
    dsawulski: then why r u here
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: to discuss the christian faith....that's the purpose of these rooms....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: not for christians only

    dsawulski: why do u mock the bible
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i do not mock the bible....i simply happen to not believe in it.
    dsawulski: u say the bible has held women down?
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and i state that opinion.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: followers of the bible, yes....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i quoted someone to that effect. (note: Elizabeth Cady Stanton)

    dsawulski: r u a woman?
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: yes
    dsawulski: if the bible and jesus are phony than what is real in ur world?
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: my world [is real]....i don't need jesus and the bible to affirm my existence.
    dsawulski: you have no existence except for the fact that jesus created u
    dsawulski: with a free will
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: that is your opinion....which you are entitled to
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and one which i don't share

    dsawulski: If Jesus did not create u then who did?
    dsawulski: and
    dsawulski: where did carbon oxygen, gold hydrogen come from?
    dsawulski: how did the world get here
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i don't claim to know for certain....though i have some thoughts on the matter.....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and the fact that we exist does not prove that your belief is real
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: or that your god is real

    dsawulski: If u believe that the world just appeared allby it self then u have more faith then any christian
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i didn't say that it did....
    dsawulski: the fact that we exist prooves that God created
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: don't presume to know what i believe or think
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and no, it doesn't "prove" anything
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: you might take it as evidence of such....

    dsawulski: design and intelligence requires an answer
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and you have chosen to believe the judeo-christian god-construct is that answer
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i disagree.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: you say you're right.....maybe so....i am not so spiritually arrogant as to assert my beliefs as fact....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: apparently you are.

    dsawulski: u have only choosen to reject the truth but the world and the creation is a witness against u
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: again....that is your opinion.....
    dsawulski: u will be held accoutable for that which u could know
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: that i reject the "truth"
    dsawulski: yup
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: which you only believe to be so....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and your opinion means next to nothing to me....

    dsawulski: if u refuse to believe it u will be punished
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: believe that.....i do not
    dsawulski: and that u will believe when it happens
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: so take pleasure in your belief that i will be punished
    dsawulski: when u receive the pain of the punishment then u will admit that jesus is lord
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: simply because i do not believe as you do.
    dsawulski: everyone will confeess that jesus is lord
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: that's a chance i'm more than willing to take....
    dsawulski: whether u believe or not
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: again, you believe that to be true....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: you're welcome to your beliefs.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and to continue to assert them as "fact"
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: means very little to me.

    dsawulski: what r u really bitter about in ur life?
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: nothing.....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: thanks for asking.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: what are you so guilty about in yours

    dsawulski: there is something that happened that u feel u were wronged from someone else possibly?
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: that you need a savior to save you from your "sins"?
    dsawulski: i am guilty of everything
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: nice try, dsa.....just because i don't believe in your faith construct does not mean i am bitter.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: lol....well i am not guilty of everything.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: although i'm sure you disagree
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and you are welcome to your opinion.

    dsawulski: totally guilty before God and men
    dsawulski: isn't jesus great for what he did to save all
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: well, i don't accept that he did....or that i need him to....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: so feel free to take comfort in that if you choose

    dsawulski: what can u take comfort in then?
    dsawulski: in this world
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: lots of things....
    dsawulski: it is a short term world
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: there is beauty and love in this world...
    dsawulski: temporal
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: so? short term does not make it less valuable
    dsawulski: ok
    dsawulski: it is completely worhles if it is not eternal
    dsawulski: eternal=forever
    dsawulski: worthless
    dsawulski: if not eternal
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: in your opinion it is worthless if it is not eternal
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i disagree.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and what happens after "eternity" all have placed your faith in one belief system....

    dsawulski: you can pray and ask god to give u believing faith
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: of course i could do that, if i wanted.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: but i have no desire to.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i do not believe in your god-construct
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: have no desire to have "faith" in him/it

    dsawulski: after death is life forever with jesus with no evil
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: again, you are stating your beliefs without backing them up.....that is your opinion....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: nothing more.

    dsawulski: in ur construct what happens to u after death?
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and as such it means nothing to me.
    dsawulski: how come u have not backed up ur beliefs
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i have not stated them....
    dsawulski: in fact do u have any beliefs?
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: nor do i feel a need to back them up....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: because i do not assert them as "truth" or "fact" as you do
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i admit that my beliefs are just that....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: my personal beliefs
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and for me to condemn you for not believing as i do would be arrogant and rude

    dsawulski: well what r ur beliefs?
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: you are the one who has done that, not i.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i am an agnostic....
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: with pagan leanings.

    dsawulski: no ur wrong whether u like it or not jesus is the only way
    dsawulski: so u would problably argue that jesus is arrogant and rude then right?
    dsawulski: Jesus claimed to be the only way
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: ummmm.....since i have no first hand knowledge of his personality
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i would not call him that....just many of his followers who tell me i am going to hell for not agreeing with their faith-presumptions.

    dsawulski: U have no fist hand knowledge of World war I either
    dsawulski: but u still believe that it happened
    dsawulski: why
    dsawulski: becuse
    dsawulski: u believed other people who talked about it
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: there's an interesting analogy
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and the fact chose to believe the bible is the word of god.....and i do not.

    dsawulski: the fact remains that u choose to believe that world war I happened right?
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: makes no difference.
    dsawulski: u were not there either
    dsawulski: why do u elieve in wwi
    dsawulski: u have no first hand knowledge
    dsawulski: of wwI
    dsawulski: but u believe it
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: let's just say i accept the historical accounts as much more reliable
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: than the bible
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: in terms of WW1

    dsawulski: great well there is ur historical account of jesus
    dsawulski: too
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: so you say....
    dsawulski: u never met hitler
    dsawulski: but u beliee he existed
    dsawulski: cause people told u so
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: okay, your analogies are falling way short here...
    dsawulski: nope they r right to the point
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: nope.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: sorry.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: believing in recent history and having faith in your god-construct are two separate things.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: sorry to disappoint you.

    dsawulski: the point being that all kinds of eveidence exist without u having to see it with ur own eys
    dsawulski: eyes
    dsawulski: WWI happened and so did Jesus
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: exactly. and you accept certain things as "evidence" which i do not.
    dsawulski: yes u do
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: you accept the biblical account of jesus
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and put your faith in it.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: i don't.

    dsawulski: u believe that wwI happened
    dsawulski: and u never saw it
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: again, the evidence for the two are different.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: so you can drop the analogy

    dsawulski: nope
    dsawulski: same
    dsawulski: word of mouth
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: nope. sorry.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: there is more documentation than that.
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: and as i said
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: you can drop the analogy
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: or drop the subject
    plastic_dashboard_jesus: because it's unconvincing.

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