What did the donkey ever do to you??!!

  • A funny little ditty for you to enjoy. I think the poor sheep was more than lost!! Enjoy!!!!

  • uwem4al: hello
    squircifer: who the hell are you??
    uwem4al: some in christ
    squircifer: oh hell you are a christian?
    uwem4al: yes
    squircifer: another delusionl person, how about them talking donkeys??
    uwem4al: wat the hail ar u talking
    squircifer: talking donkeys,... if you are a christian then you believe in talking donkeys.
    squircifer: donkeys
    uwem4al: let's talk something better
    squircifer: no, lets talk about the donkeys
    uwem4al: wat's about it
    squircifer: about them talking and stuff..
    uwem4al: i no,no
    uwem4al: weytin be dat
    squircifer: what the hell are you saying??? i do not speak ebonics.
    uwem4al: na truer i de tel u
    squircifer: what? speak some english there homey
    uwem4al: na where u come from
    squircifer: what?
    uwem4al: weytin be ur name
    squircifer: damn... are you retarded?
    uwem4al: no i nono weytin u de talk
    uwem4al: wat is ur name
    squircifer: fuck you stupid retarded christian freak.

    uwem4al: ok no problem
    uwem4al: i de for ui
    uwem4al: i just love chating whit u
    squircifer: lol you are not chatting you are being a fuck tard.
    uwem4al: ok let's get down to chating where ar u from
    squircifer: ummmm fuck tard.
    squircifer: forget it... i want to talk about the talking donkeys.
    uwem4al: my name jame
    uwem4al: forget about the donkey's
    squircifer: no no no
    uwem4al: let's get to no each other
    squircifer: no, the donkeys...know me? you gay?
    uwem4al: so ur name
    squircifer: talking donkeys homey
    uwem4al: try to understand
    uwem4al: ar u there
    squircifer: yeah i am here. tell me about the donkeys?
    uwem4al: the donkey's ran away
    squircifer: where did they go??
    uwem4al: to a neighbouring counbtry
    squircifer: why did they do that??
    uwem4al: because u were not there
    squircifer: damn them donkeys... did you hit the donkeys?
    uwem4al: no just because u where not there
    squircifer: i see, you hate the donkeys.. why do you hate them?
    uwem4al: because u hate me
    squircifer: i do not hate you... i think it is bad that you hate the donkeys.
    uwem4al: if do not hate me then let's talk
    uwem4al: plz ur number
    uwem4al: i will like to here ur voice
    squircifer: yeah right, you hate the donkeys, like i am going to give you my number you donkey hater... you hate white people too dont you???
    uwem4al: no, like them becos we were created by one God if did like u i wouldn't have chat whit u plz be my friend
    uwem4al: forget about the pass it's joke's try to understand
    uwem4al: we have so many white people living in our house
    squircifer: how can you hate so many people? what did white people do to you?
    squircifer: and the donkeys, what did they do to you?
    uwem4al: ar u serious about wat u ar saying becos i have no ideal about wat u ar talking about
    squircifer: dude, yeah, you hate all these people and animals, and you want to be my friend? that is sick!
    uwem4al: why ar u so nasty? if i hate people why do i talk to them
    squircifer: you like to mess with my mind, you are a nasty racist... and a donkey hater.. you are not a true christian!!!
    uwem4al: then why do i no dat jesus our saviuor and that he die on the cross to clean's our sin
    squircifer: you hate the donkeys... and the whites... jesus was white too you know.
    uwem4al: dat is robish, yes he was white who killed him isn't it the white? i will like u to understand one thing dat he came for all of us
    squircifer: no, you hate whites, so jesus did not come for you homey.
    uwem4al: u ar funy
    squircifer: you are sad. why did you become a racist?
    uwem4al: u don kolo
    uwem4al: weytin u drink
    squircifer: do not try to dodge the question, why did you become a racist? did white people go and hurt you?
    uwem4al: ibe like se u be onekind person
    uwem4al: they ar my friend'sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    squircifer: why do you lie? jesus told me the truth about you
    uwem4al: wat did he tell u
    uwem4al: dat it is not God dat creat us
    uwem4al: go get more referenses
    uwem4al: don't speak any more becos u ar speaking robt if u need to known more this my e- mail uwem4al@yahoo.com
    uwem4al: bye
    squircifer: sorry i do not talk to racist bigots
    uwem4al: who ar u
    squircifer: damn are you still that retarded homey?
    uwem4al: fuck u, u ar back
    uwem4al: ar u there

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