Givin' the dog a bone

  • Here we have yet another sheep in the sheep mode. Bleeting out his god. This is an interesting piece, in which I had a wee bit of fun Enjoy!!!!!

  • squircifer: dogs, wrong agian, nice cop out though, what I want from you is proof of your statements, if you cannot back them up i can safely discard them with no worries at all.
    dogs_boss: satan is a LIAR
    squircifer: dogs, show satan to exist please.
    dogs_boss: satan===blinds people
    squircifer: dogs, again you need to back your assumption up, show satan to exist please.
    dogs_boss: satan is the major loser
    dogs_boss: the path to heaven=JESUS
    squircifer: dogs, anyone who believes in a sky pixie that will make it all better AFTER you are dead... they are the losers, now if i made that statement you would want me to back it up right?.
    squircifer: now dogs, prove jesus and satan are extant.
    dogs_boss: your blind assumption squircifer
    squircifer: dogs, i make no assumptions, you are the one making assumptions, I am asking you to back your assumptions ups, and it seems you cannot.
    dogs_boss: sqiurcifer, I know, so if you don,t, your problem
    squircifer: the fact of the matter is dogs, you cannot prove your god is real, let alone satan.
    dogs_boss: I don't have too squir
    squircifer: dogs, if you KNOW then you are able to SHOW the existance of your god.
    squircifer: if not, all you have dogs, is a belief, and nothing more.
    dogs_boss: I know WHAT HE did for me squircifer
    squircifer: dogs, again prove your god is real, prove satan is real. subjective experiences will not do that.
    dogs_boss: yada yada squir
    squircifer: dogs, so you think, but you have yet to have addressed anything i said to you. if anyone here is at a loss it is you. and the others see it,.
    squircifer: fact of the matter is dogs, you cannot prove anything about your religion, other than that you believe in it.
    dogs_boss: I could care less, what an unbeliever thinks squircifer
    squircifer: dogs, then you go against your very own bible.......
    squircifer: ang again shows your lack of defense for the religion, go read your bible.... 1 peter 3:15
    dogs_boss: naw, squircifer, i just don't argue with a set up
    squircifer: dogs you need to read 1 peter 3:15
    squircifer: because right now you are going against it.
    dogs_boss: hope you get saved squircifer
    squircifer: plain and simple, and once more shows that you cannot defend your belief.
    squircifer: dogs, you are not a true christian. sorry. try again, and once more with feeling.

    dogs_boss: my belief, is mine
    squircifer: dogs, your belief outlines certain steps you are to take when asked a question... about your religion, and you cannot even follow that at all.
    squircifer: false christian
    dogs_boss: and your a real christian squire???
    squircifer: dogs, i at least know what your bible says, you seem not to.
    squircifer: 1 peter 3:15 dogs, you need to read it
    dogs_boss: I know what happened to me
    squircifer: dogs, again subjective experience does not establish the objective proof of your god, millions of others can claim the same thing about another god, does that make them right as well as you?
    dogs_boss: hey squirecifer, I believe JESUS not you
    dogs_boss: so do, ramble on that is all you can do
    squircifer: dogs, you cannot even show jesus to have been real, why should i listen you? you cannot even back your assumptions up.
    squircifer: dogs, nice insult there. jesus must be proud of you, and he must know also that you are not a true christian, as you ignore his book.
    squircifer: if anyone has anything to worry about, it is the lukewarm christians like yourself you ignore the bible.
    dogs_boss: squire, you DON'T know mw nor my life story
    squircifer: dogs, no i do not, but your life story is not unique, and not the only path traveled. even so, your assumptions remain just that, and since you cannot back them up, i can safely discard them.
    dogs_boss: ok squire, whatever
    squircifer: dogs again you cannot show your god to be real, you have dodged my requests and questions many times over.
    dogs_boss: squircifer, JESUS died on a proof
    squircifer: dogs, again you make an assumption. there is no proof he died on anything.
    dogs_boss: no squir, history backs me up
    squircifer: dogs, how does history back that up? there is no historical evidence for the resurrection save that which is placed in the bible.
    dogs_boss: witnesses squire
    dogs_boss: B.C.----------A.D. BYE SQUIRE
    squircifer: the bible is not a reliable document dogs.... try again. the witness accounts in the gospels were not even "eye" witnesses.
    squircifer: dogs you demostrate your ignorance.
    dogs_boss: josephus proves Jesus was real
    squircifer: dogs, can you even think for yourself?
    squircifer: josephus was not a contemorary of jesus.

    dogs_boss: I believe,what the SPIRIT say's squirecifer
    squircifer: dogs, which spirit? the one for the catholics? the mormons? the baptist? how do you know?
    squircifer: dogs, you cannot think for yourself.

    squircifer: period, and it shows.
    dogs_boss: lol squire
    dogs_boss: you AIN'T got a clue squirecifer, and you will learn one day.
    dogs_boss: JESUS found me, I wasn't lookin for HIM
    dogs_boss: sooooooooo, squircifer, are YOU born again????
    dogs_boss: demons, can mimic dead loved ones

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