ASS DEMONS!!!!!!!!!

  • Here we have a talk between me and Lord Critique, a CC2 regular that is not a sheep. This was tooo funny not to share, and I am sure Lord C would not mind. The links listed below are functional, should you wish to read about the ass demons.

  • lord_critique: you guys get Kellogs Cornflakes over there right?
    quadriplegic_kittens: yeah
    lord_critique: ok get this.. this sounds completely fucked up.. but study it and see the link
    lord_critique: kellog himself was a close friend of ellen white
    lord_critique: devout sda
    quadriplegic_kittens: oh hell
    lord_critique: ellen white was a health nut, and kellogs family were 19th century quack doctors
    lord_critique: white started preaching on masturbation
    quadriplegic_kittens: oh hell again
    lord_critique: kellogg did a paper on it.. about how its demonic
    lord_critique: between her prophet status.. theses following events occured
    quadriplegic_kittens: okay...
    lord_critique: a 12 year old girl was treated by shock therapy for masturbation to cure her demons
    lord_critique: also, based on misinterpretation of a scripture in genesis
    lord_critique: and kellogss quack doctor stuff
    lord_critique: they came to the conclusion people have DEMONS IN THEIR COLON
    lord_critique: SDAs were big on enemas
    quadriplegic_kittens: NO WAY!!!!
    lord_critique: i know how this sounds
    lord_critique: andrew told me this,, i didnt believe a word
    lord_critique: until i started reading
    lord_critique: i was horrified
    lord_critique: ok read this that ellen white wrote
    lord_critique: its also IDENTICAL in kellogss book
    quadriplegic_kittens: send me a link
    lord_critique: ok
    lord_critique: ill send you a few
    quadriplegic_kittens: cool
    lord_critique: no kidding man.. youll be on your ass laughing
    lord_critique: .. thats kelloggs book
    lord_critique: scary stuff
    lord_critique: theres quotes on there from ellen whites book appeal to mothers
    lord_critique: apparrently masturbation causes cancer blindness and memory loss
    lord_critique: the entire foundation of the church is a mix of quack doctors and religious nuts
    lord_critique: kellogg himself got kicked out of the SDA.. dont believe them when they say he got kicked out for the medical shit.. he actually got booted out for joining the masons
    quadriplegic_kittens: then i am blind, cancerous, and demon filled
    quadriplegic_kittens: not a mason yet though lol

    lord_critique: hahah its ok.. you just need an enema
    lord_critique: you have demons in your colon
    quadriplegic_kittens: whew#
    lord_critique: anyway.. my kellogg point was.. cornflakes were invented as a high fibre diet for getting them demons moving
    lord_critique: get the bowels rolling for jesus
    lord_critique: you can check his faith and timescale/history of the company in encarta or britannica
    lord_critique: pg 456 of that book was particularly used by ellen white in the church.. chapter on womans health

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