Commie Fuckers!!!!!

  • Here we have a little talk about communism, and the fucked killing of god. And how all atheists are communists, and where the sheep accuses me, of skewed logic. It is a hoot.

  • squirrelofyahshua: cleanup your god makes you to lie down just like mary.... and then he will kill you!
    mrcleanup1: squirrel , your atheist buddies ,Lenin , Stalin , Mao , castro killed 130 million in the last 100 years, great friends you have there, biggest all time mass murders
    mrcleanup1: madcat people have hid behind the bible and killed , yes, but do you blame god for that
    squirrelofyahshua: cleanup your happy jesus buddies killed far more, god poulation, the church in christs name: inquisition, crusades, 100 year war, witch trials, ethnic cleansing, abortion doctor killings... nice try cleanup!!!!
    bought_by_calvary: squirrel - don't confuse CHRISTIANS with the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
    squirrelofyahshua: cleanup you are a sick man to follow the blood god yhwh
    squirrelofyahshua: bought, dont confuse communists with atheists

    bought_by_calvary: commies = atheists (same thing) as opposed to Cathoholics NOT necessarily Christians
    squirrelofyahshua: bought you are mistaken, i am an atheist, and not a communist, plus the very ideas of the belief system of christianity points to a communist frame of mind, capitolism is not possible in your bible, read the ten commandments... thanks for playing
    bought_by_calvary: OK squirrel - All Communists are atheists, but all atheists are not communists. All Catholics are Christian (sort of) but certainly not all Christians are Catholic
    bought_by_calvary: squirrel, your logic is skewed
    squirrelofyahshua: bought, all communist ares atheist? but not all atheists are communists? and if you were given one example of a communist that was not an atheist, that would destroy your position,
    bought_by_calvary: squirrel, why do you use Jesus' name in your handle?
    squirrelofyahshua: bought you dont know me do you? it is a word play, sarcasm. making light of the yah bunch, please dont change the subject.
    bought_by_calvary: sorry commies are atheists
    squirrelofyahshua: bought, whatever, all communist are not atheists... thanks for playing
    bought_by_calvary: Mat 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

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