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Closed minded?

  • Here we have a little chat I had with an individual, that for reasons will remain nameless. This conversation shows the close minded nature of christianity. Open minded if it agrees with god and jesus, close minded if not.

  • SHEEP: makes me very very sad
    SHEEP: we used to be
    SHEEP: squirrel you cannot deny that Jesus existed
    SHEEP: you cannot deny that someone had to have created everything
    SHEEP: it wasn't just a fluke
    squirrel624: well, actually yes I can....
    squirrel624: just cause you think it had to be that way does not mean it was...
    SHEEP: look around you at everything how can something so complicated just happen?
    SHEEP: it doesn't just happen
    squirrel624: then okay let me use your logic.... who created your creator?
    SHEEP: he is the alpha and omega
    SHEEP: he was not created
    SHEEP: he has always been
    squirrel624: not gonna work by me... either use the logic you wish to use all the way or do not use it... no special pleading...
    SHEEP: there is no pleading why is it so hard for you to believe that he has always existed
    SHEEP: why is it so hard for you to believe that just maybe God rules all and knows all
    squirrel624: look... if you are going to try to use the creation MUST have had a creator, then use the logic throughout it, and not just till the point it would prove your position wrong or problematic... and, it is a possibility that the universe was and is eternal I.E., always was there, just because you believe that a god did it, does make it a fact... do you even see that? there are many explanations for the origin..... do you see that or not?
    SHEEP: no squirrel I do not see that
    squirrel624: *sigh* you set out to prove your entire stance by saying it is true to start with, that is circular...
    squirrel624: I believe that the pink unicorn is the maker of all... prove me wrong please...can you?
    SHEEP: lol...well there is no records of pink unicorns squirrel
    squirrel624: i know the pink unicorn personally.....
    SHEEP: yeah just like you knew Jesus?
    SHEEP: yeah just like you know God personally
    squirrel624: I have a relationship with the unicorn.. I have a direct revelation from the unicorn...
    squirrel624: can you prove me wrong?
    SHEEP: then you would have witnesses
    squirrel624: got em...
    squirrel624: next?

    SHEEP: prove to me your unicorn exists
    squirrel624: nope, I know he exists, that is enough for me... you must prove he does not...i am to take your word that god exists...besides the very creation is the proof.
    squirrel624: now, just remove pink unicorn and put jesus in there, and you have a christian.
    SHEEP: well when you give me some ancient scriptures and archeological evidence then I will check it out squirrel
    squirrel624: the very creation is the testimony of the unicorn.
    SHEEP: squirrel why do you think that the bible has withstood so long do you not think that just maybe there is truth to it?
    squirrel624: history is written by the victors , you know that.
    squirrel624: the historicity of the bible in an archaeological sense, does not prove any of the miracles ever took place... all it shows is that there were places and people of that name.... or do you say it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt all the miracles of the bible as well?

    SHEEP: your pink unicorn wouldn't last one decade
    SHEEP: I believe that it does in fact support the authenticity of the Bible
    squirrel624: so history can be used to prove miracles?
    SHEEP: well mark just think about it the bible is kinda like a history book
    squirrel624: kinda like? or is it a history book?
    squirrel624: which is it?

    SHEEP: I believe it is a history book and also a road map to life
    squirrel624: so it is not really a "history" book?
    SHEEP: squirrel stop it
    squirrel624: *sigh* why? because you don't really know? or am I making your doubt your truth again?

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