Cleanup gets cleaned up!!

  • okay, here we have myself (Violent _Cupcake) and Major1_general (also known as mrcleanup) in a "debate" like conversation, which is a carry over from an earlier conversation. The set for this one is the following, Cleanup said "god exists" and said since I could not prove he did not, he did then exist. His faulty logic was dealt with, and he decided he had to re-adjust his position since all his sheep buddies was watching him get waxed. There is an occasional comment by the Tan Man as well. Enjoy! (My responses will be in bold text.)

  • major1_general: cupcake , you can believe all your wants , energy or not , bottom line is ur still wrong , GOD DOES EXIST
    violent _cupcake: major we went through this before , you cannot prove he exists, so your statement you just made is bullshit.
    major1_general: violent cupcake <<<<<< now that delusional loll
    major1_general: violent prove he doesnt exist and i'll follow you to the end of the world
    violent _cupcake: major... how about you address my argument? all you can do it seems is make fun of my name. sad as for proving god does not exist, I never made that statement.
    major1_general: violent you assert god doesnt exist , prove it since your making a factual statement
    violent _cupcake: major... refute my arguments please....
    major1_general: voilent prove ur statement
    violent _cupcake: which statement major?? that i do not "believe god exists"?
    major1_general: violent ur statement that god doesnt exist
    violent _cupcake: major, i never made that statement...
    violent _cupcake: we have been through this before and you got slammed the last time..... wanna get slammed again?

    major1_general: ok violent im glad u admit god exist thank you
    violent _cupcake: major you are daft, i never said god exists either... you wanna try being honest for a change?
    shapeshifter_for_jesus: he cant squirrel
    violent _cupcake: major... now you prove god does exist...... can you???
    major1_general: nope violent i cant
    violent _cupcake: major you lied then. you said god exists... yet you cannot prove it. i can back my statement up... and you cannot. my statement is solid "i believe that the christian god des not exist"... now major... admit you will get slammed.
    major1_general: no cupcake , i cant prove it to you , that doesnt mean god doesnt exist , prove he doesnt
    violent _cupcake: major you are not getting it still.... you make a bullshit assertion, you have the responsibility to show your assertion is true, and has merit. yet you cannot, and all you can do is resort to the bullshit position, prove he does not exist. major i say green fairies exist.. prove they do not.
    major1_general: violent i said i cant prove god to you , now do you believe god exist , yes or no
    violent _cupcake: major.. you cannot read can you? i already said i do not believe he exists. and since you cannot prove god is real there is no reason to take your statement with any credibility.
    major1_general: so you cant prove god exist viol;ent ??
    violent _cupcake: major are you daft?
    shapeshifter_for_jesus: yea squirrel,hes daft
    violent _cupcake: i do not need to show god does not exist. do you understand that? yes or no??
    major1_general: ok violent so i had to say at best you would have to say you dont knoiw if god exist , leraving the possibility that he does exist
    violent _cupcake: major, okay i know the slant you are going, but you still have to show he is real. just saying that since i cannot prove he does not exist means nothing at all. you need to show he does. if you cannot show green fairies do not exist, then there is a chance the do in fact exist right?
    major1_general: violent the best i can tell you is if you really want to know if god exist , you have to find out for urself , i cant do it for you
    violent _cupcake: but going on that major... what if i find he does not exist? what then?
    violent _cupcake: shapeshifter... he can never properly answer anything.....
    major1_general: violent you want me to agree god doesnt exist , i want you to agree god does exist , never is happening
    violent _cupcake: major you are daft... i never said i want you to agree he does not exist.
    violent _cupcake: major, i want you to do what you already admitted you cannot do. but since you want to change the subject, I will play your game, now if I really look for god, and find he does not exist what then major?

    major1_general: violent proceed with your life as you see fit
    violent _cupcake: major... why are you backing out of the conversation? you wanted to change the subject. I think you know that if we followed your logic, then the room would see how hopeless you are in your position.
    major1_general: violent you don't want god to exist , i cant help you and Jim not entertaining your folly
    violent _cupcake: major, do not assume to think for me. where did i say i did not want god to exist? I think the people here see your hopeless position.

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