Happy Christian calls me a BASTARD!!!

  • Well, seems that the sheep love to be all righteous in the actual chat rooms, but in private messages, well this is another stroy altogether. This sheep did not like my name, and chastised me in the main room till I unloaded upon him. Then he comes at me in pm land.(My responses will be in bold text.)

  • sglguyin909: what a lame nic
    jesus_never_existed_period: and you are who?
    sglguyin909: DUMB
    jesus_never_existed_period: yea I know you are dumb... tell me more.
    jesus_never_existed_period: i bet you are christian too huh?
    jesus_never_existed_period: can you prove jesus existed?
    jesus_never_existed_period: can you?

    sglguyin909: shut up you dumbass
    sglguyin909: shut up bastard
    sglguyin909: be qiet
    sglguyin909: shush
    sglguyin909: pipe down
    sglguyin909: shut up
    jesus_never_existed_period: hey stupid fuck, can you prove any thing along the lines of jesus being real? huh fucktard?
    jesus_never_existed_period: why not talk here fucktard? you like to pm people with bullshit... why not continue?

    sglguyin909: your on your way to the Lake of Fire and you know it
    jesus_never_existed_period: prove it sheep.
    sglguyin909: Jesus never did anything evil to you ever
    jesus_never_existed_period: give me an account that is secular and comtemporary.
    jesus_never_existed_period: where the fuck is your comtemporary accounts?

    sglguyin909: forget it, my college books say you are wrong

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