Walk Upon the Water

  • by Mark Napier

    Don't want to walk upon the water
    Don't want to calm the storm
    And all this talk about my father
    And the way that I was born

    Does nothing to help me now
    As I hang upon the cross
    I lost control of this how?
    To explain I am at a loss

    But that matters very little
    for soon it will all be done
    a shout mixed with blood and spittle
    the father has forsaken his son

    I let this game go unfettered
    Getting out of hand
    A learned man in the letters
    Gods son, the son of man

    No.. don't want to walk upon the water,
    Don't want to calm the storm
    No wish to heal the masses
    Lost sheep destitute and scorned

    Son of man, one with the father
    A dream and nothing more
    A loss for all that matters
    A lost ship, searching for the shore

    © 2002 Mark A. Napier
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