If I don't wake up

  • by Mark Napier

  • Wake up
    Time calls me yet again,
    pulling me from the bliss of sleep.
    Wooing me as one does a friend,
    dragging me from dreams upon my feet.
    Wake up
    Leave me be to my treason of dreams,
    a scarlet landscape littered with pleasure.
    I know all here is not what it seems,
    where pain and woe comprise my barren treasure.
    Wake up
    I don't want to play the game of life,
    a shallow world mirrored by the one of sleep.
    Soaked in misery and strife,
    with gnashing of teeth and tears to weep.
    Wake up
    Will I ever to leave this wretched land,
    where the scars keep score?
    This dreary existence's end my plan,
    for if I dont wake up I can sleep forever more.

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