Requiem for my Soul

  • by Mark Napier

    alone and silent i wait
    drawing each breath in a dark solitude
    at one with myself and alone
    nothing else to share me with

    this void consumes me
    and leaves me wanting more
    a solitude so real
    that nothing else matters

    a thousand tears time
    one thousand lives
    and a deep freeze
    that immediately comes

    and darkness true
    true as an old friend that
    comes to bed to share
    despair and solitude

    mourn the passing of time with me
    and watch as it slips away
    a silent tribute to death
    never to be held again

    this darkness comforts
    resting upon the dark
    a silent requiem for my soul
    falling on deaf ears

    lay with me within time
    and watch the stars die
    a silent requiem
    falling on deaf ears

    © 2002 Mark A. Napier

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