• Greetings gentle reader, and welcome to a new part here at the Island!! I have decided to post my poetry here for some of you to enjoy. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do. Also, if you have any poetry you would like to share with others, then send them in to the Island!! I will post them here, or in a section specially made for the poetry of others! Just send them to the WebMaster@squirrelsisland.com

  • Somtimes I Bleed New!!
    The lastest piece from the Squirrel for your enjoyment!
    Weeds Overgrown RevisedNew!!
    The new revised version of this well loved poem from me.
    If I don't wake up
    A nice little read of the cream land.
    Free? New!!
    Raises many a point that christians should address.

    A prayer to the only god a person should ever worship.

    Times Treason

    When time stops, the treason has been carried out.

    Hit Me

    I dont know myself... you have fun with this one.

    Life as life imagined

    Everyone can relate to the this one on many different levels, read it and see.


    My little ode to Sherlock Holmes.

    Ode to Absinth New!!
    Well, this one is a weird one to say the least, and was created under the influence of the Green Fairy herself.
    Fall from Grace
    Enjoy this little mindscape.
    Can I not rest?
    Effigy Love
    Another dark poem for the masses.
    Sleep now forever more
    Another dark poem for the masses.
    Requiem for my Soul
    A dirge for my soul.
    Aeon Drift
    Sadness pure. Emotions that few are willing to face, let alone think about.
    The Homeless Sapian
    One that touches upon a view seldom heard, that of the homeless.
    Weeds Overgrown
    One of my favorite poems ever, and one that embraces a nice life philosophy.
    Irrational Anthems
    A poem touching upon the madness of religious belief....
    Walk Upon the Water
    What if Jesus was a normal guy? Would this be something he might have felt or said?
    Holy Ground
    The first poem submitted to the Island poetry section. Enjoy!
    A little ditty that packs the emotion in it.
    One Last Adventure
    The mind never rests, and always waits for the next adventure.
    Forever Friends?
    Make believe is okay when you are younger.... once you grow it is time to let your imaginary friends go.
    The Makeshift Eulogy
    This one is a real kicker, and many many ex-christians have these feelings and thoughts, hopefully this will show you a small glimpse of these feelings.
    The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea
    The first poem to actually be published from the Squirrel!! And one I love to this day!
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