The Homeless Sapian

  • by Mark Napier

    this cardboard box
    my humble abode
    for words i am at a loss
    testimony of my hard road

    once happy and rich
    a life of luxury
    now i am left without a stitch
    a non person put simply

    feelings shut off
    emotions removed long ago
    tragedy of the lost
    welcome to the street side show

    the homeless sapian am i
    sorrow filled and bare
    matters not if i live or die
    i have no one to care

    left to my oblivion
    alone and sad
    building my ruin
    remembering the life i once had

    the homeless sapian am i
    alone with nothing to share
    barren and cannot cry
    poor in soul and painfully aware

    © 2002 Mark A. Napier

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