Holy Gorund

  • by Lord Grendel

    Marble, Mortar, and stone,
    Candle. glass and bone,
    A chance to atone.

    Jackal-headed Anubis waits,
    Gold coins on the collection plate,
    Don't be late.

    Seraphim and Cherphim,
    Light is dim,
    No salvation for Tim.

    Blodd runs, as does wine,
    Await the sign,
    Don't cross the line.

    The Heavens strike, the Hells burn,
    The Wheel will turn,
    Lessons to learn.

    The alter sits,
    The shroud is knit,
    The Answer does not fit.

    Arms raised,
    Followers dazed,
    Ethics a maze.

    The sermon is said,
    The words are read,
    The gods are dead.

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