Hit Me

  • by Mark Napier

  • hit me

    this stuff burns in deep whirl twirl squirlisquirl
    a madness you know is old and powerful
    that tastes like a cadaver dressed up for church

    hit me

    deep madness straightup razor boy and his love
    shaved down from on high with thunder and pain

    hit me again this dont last too long does it?

    free my speech and enslave my mind just to
    spread her legs for your enjoyment as i
    suck her to him

    hit me hit me hit me

    jump that shit straight up in that ass
    collect the devils due from the nun without breasts
    a foot in death and a cock in her sweet jesus
    jump on by

    disorient the mind, and the soul will follow
    masturbate the war god as well
    hope you swallow

    © 2002 Mark A. Napier
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