• by Mark Napier

    Elemetary my dear Watson
    compare a keen mind
    to that of a hansom
    well kept and cared for
    free from defect, damage
    and useless lore
    for a sharp mind solves from within
    a touch of common sense, reason
    observation and we can begin
    the facts are there waiting to be seen
    and compiled and stored
    by the mind thats keen
    the commonplace is far more interesting
    than the fabulous feats
    that are in essence a false thing
    a trouser's worn tattered knee
    can tell a story a true
    just like the lady's perfect sleeve
    come and see Watson come and see
    the tales of crime laid bare
    all found and solved by me
    crimes are no longer a mystery
    for I tell you this
    Elementary my dear Watson

    © 2002 Mark A. Napier

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