Funny Ass Sites of Blasphemy!!!

Nail Jesus To The Cross!!!!
Now you to can be a mean evil jew, or roman, depending on who you ask killed Jesus!!!
Dress Up Jesus!!!
Just like those old paper dolls of yesterday gentle reader!!
The Official Jesus Home Page
Don't be fooled! This Jesus' personal home page!! Take no others, as they are of Satan!!!!
Jesus Was Gother Than You!!!!!
Proof that Jesus started the whole Goth craze! You silly wanna be Goth's out there take HEED!!!! Losers not welcome!
Landover Baptist
The most Godly people on earth!! Unsaved not welcome.
The Church of The SubGenius
It makes no less sense than any other church.
The Jesus Dance!!!
It takes a second or two to load, but is just funny as all hell. I love this site.
Harry Potter Fan Fiction!
The Satanic Harry Potter!!! And this is how he effects his fans!! They write more stories about him! Soon he will be on par with Jesus!!!!! PRAISE!
This site, which used to be known as Psycho Dave's Dark and Scary Place, is filled with funny ass weirdness, from hatred of Trekkies, to Recreational Christianity. YouŽll like this place.
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