Atheist Forum !!!!!!! NEW!!!
My buddy and fellow ex christian 's site, and a solid one at that. You will find the squirrel playing in Randy's backyard when not relaxing on the Island!!
Sunburn !!!!
My next door neighbor, and ass kicking band! I am their only roadie slave thing, and I get in free so bite me!!! Go check them out, and take a listen to their kick ass music!!
Peter Kirby's Early Christian Writing Collection!!!!
A solid collection of Early Christian writings, and a very good place to start from in learning what really took place in the beginnings of the Church.
Randy Rhoads Tribute Site!!!!
My good bud, and guitarist in our band´s web site about the music god Randy Rhoads! Massive page!! A MUST SEE, whether you are a fan or not! Lord Jereth rules!!!!
Scary Squirrel World
A personal favorite of mine. Skwerls true face!
Piekos Arts
A good friend of mine, and the one who made the logos for me. Comic book artist first class.
Internet Infidels
Top notch Freethinker Site, loaded with info about freethinking, atheism, bible problems, religious hatred, and the like. A definite place to go on the web.
The Ozric Tentacles!!!!!!!
The Greatest Band in existence!!! These guys rule. The finest music to be found in this life. This is the official fan page, endorsed fully by the band! A MUST SEE MUST HEAR BAND!!!
The great software program that lets you "rip off" recording artists by downloading .mp3 files for free. You know, Metallica is taking them to court. A great thing Napster is "Napster Good!!!"
This site, which used to be known as Psycho Dave's Dark and Scary Place, is filled with funny ass weirdness, from hatred of Trekkies, to Recreational Christianity. YouŽll like this place.
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