Fucked Up Christian Sites!

NEW!!!!Jesus is Lord!!!!
This lady's message is pretty clear, if it ain't King James you are going to hell. IF it ain't Jesus you are going to hell. Pretty narrow minded and intolerant. Go tell her she is going to hell, that Krishna is really GOD!!
New!! Virtual Hell!!!!
And this is supposed to be a Christian Site, hmmm well it is a very twisted one at that, all in the name of the Lord.
New!!!Brotherhood of Cross and Star!!!
These are the revelations of Olumba Olumba Obu, Supernatural Leader of the Brotherhood, and, he modestly adds, Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe. It's a weird tale, but the gist is that "everyone is going to die". In 2000, naturally.(oops, it's 2001 god guy) After three days of judgment, all spirits will be sent back to their bodies, find them rotted, and shuffle off to Hell. How to escape this fate: become a celibate vegan, and your body will be preserved to live forever in an austere paradise of peace, prosperity and putrefying corpses. Other Obu gems include a vitriolic denunciation against all who believe Jesus died on a Friday it was, apparently, a Thursday. Very fucked up.
New!!!!Bible Answer Machine!!!
It's happened to all of us, I'm sure. A silly Bible thumping asshole hits you with a deep question, and you have no religious authority with you, and can't remember that verse you so desperately need.The Bible Answer Machine is the perfect substitute. You put your question in one end, the cyberjesus mulls it over briefly and then churns out an appropriate Bible verse at the other end. For maximum realism, the selected text is almost always totally irrelevant to your question, but probably answers the one you should have been asking instead. Silly non believer.
The Ten Commandments
Go here for some really fucked views on atheists, and other evil things that does not hold true with the Ten Commandments. HATE Filled Bastards.......
God Hates Fags!!!!!!!
The utmost picture of Christian love and tolerance. God Hates Fags, and it is biblical. Brother Fred Phelps Preaches it like it is!!!!
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