The Hope of Squirrel.

By Squirrel

This is the Chat session I had the originated the thread here at the Island gentle reader. I have changed the name of the christian but my chat handle remains as I use it in the Yahoo Chat Rooms.

christian: I am saddened by our differences and also our loss of relationship because of this but mark you will never change my mind
christian: I love God with all my heart and know that one day I will be with him and most important I know he loves me for who and what I am after all he created me
squirrel624: you believe this yes. do you "know" this? and you also know my background... rather well i might add, waaay better than 97% of the others.
Christian: Mark I truly believe you are running from God
christian: just as a child runs from his parent
squirrel624: ***** i truly believe you are running from shiva....
christian: don't get ridiculous
squirrel624: i am not. just remove your god and add whatever, you have the same statement made by all other religions, they all believe that their truth is the truth, what makes you and your god so special? there is nothing you can claim about the belief system that others can and do claim with as much authority as christians. see my point? I am not trying to be ridiculous with this.....
christian: well mark I guess if i am wrong I am wrong but atleast I had hope in this pathetic life here on earth
squirrel624: and i do not have hope? that is a bold statement hon, just because i do not have a "hope"grounded in the bible god does not mean i have a hopeless life.
squirrel624: in fact life means alot more with out the notion of eternal life, and a god...
christian: what hope does it hold mark tell me what do you have to look forward to?
squirrel624: life itself.
christian: life itself huh
christian: tell me mark what is so great about your life?
squirrel624: i do not need a god to make my life have meaning, or purpose. if one does, okay that is fine, but that t does make it all true.

christian: you work you come home play on the internet for pete sakes mark you just lost your brother-n-law you have no hope in seeing him again do you
squirrel624: well there alot of things in my life that t i am not happy with, but instead of praying to a god and getting nothing in return.... i change things myself, i make it better, no one else will.
christian: Mark God has changed me
christian: I am very happy now
christian: I see life in a whole new perspective
squirrel624: dead is dead ****, hate to say it, but it is so. once you die there is no more you, you will never be seen again... to hinge all upon eternal life from a god make life less meaningful.
squirrel624: **** i am deconverted, reason and reality changed me, i am way happier now, and i see the world in a new perspective, my paradigm has changed... life is more of precious thing now..... to have a belief that you never really die makes you less concerned with this life i think.
christian: not at all mark
squirrel624: what not at all.... that i am happier or that dead is dead?
christian: both


At this point she wanted to stop the conversation. It was too emotional for her, and I respected that. We have had this conversation a few times in the past as well.

I have hope in my life whether the christian will see it or not. I just do not base my hope in or on a pretend sky pixie that will make it all better after I die. Plain and simple, and for the most part, the christian cannot comprehend this. Strange is it not?


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