by Mom

Hello gentle readers,
I have read your hopes, now I would like to share mine with you.
My hopes are all selfish! For my husband-my hope for him is to wake each morning without pain, to be able to do what he has to and to work like he wants to. To reach the place in his life where he can do, go, be, work as he wants. To make his choices his and not his body's,
For my son Ian to become the man I know he can be. to find the job that makes him happy, and to work it until it no longer does, for him to find the right one to share his life with and maybe, just maybe someday a grandchild.
For my precious daughter Brandi- to fulfill her dreams and to become the beautiful woman she is. To finiish her studies and to reach the dreans and goals she has set for herself. I know she will too, she is on the Deans list every semester,
For my grandson Markie -whom we now have custody of- my hope is that he will be happy living with us annd content, I am thankful that he now has a stable home, for the first time in his 11 years, he has never lived in a place long enough where he has gone to the same school for a whole year. That he will want to learn and grow in knowledge, but that he never quits being a bit different form others and if he want to be a pro skateboarder, that- more power to hin and I hope he fulfill that dream.
For my child the Squirrel- that he continues to be what he is a handsome, beautiful man, who has his own ideas annd beliefs-even tho they are out of left field from mine. That he will always stand for what he believes and he will love his wife and family (specially his mother who loves him unconditionally) as they love him.
For myself-well gentle readers you have read what I want, but there are a few more hopes- i hope that someday i can awake without hurting all the time, that I will be loved by my family annd respected for what I believe and what I stand for. My main hope is that before I die and when I die my family-all of them!!! will be with me and around me- so i can say goodbye and tell them all that I love them.
Of cousre gentle readers my hope for all of you- is that you will be happy for the choices you make for yourselves in this life. and if you aren't remember that you made the choice for yourself. For this world, i could say i hope for world peace- but that never will be- because someone,somewhere in power is never happy or satisfied.
There will always be someone who is greedy and wants more, whether they need it or not.
Remember gentle reader your life is what you make it and no one elses!Thank you child and I love you!