The Hope of Moe.

by Moe

What is my hope though I am not Christian?

First off I am Pagan, more specifically Wiccan, and some Christians I
talk to online assume I hate God. Actually I do believe in God in terms
of the Lord and Lady. I do dislike the intolerance and ignorance
disguised as following the "Word", but I don't limit God to one religion
or creed. To me God can appear to a Christian as Jesus or Mary ( if
Catholic) and to me as the Goddess. These are simply ways we humans have
to relate to the Deity. I look at the incredible variety of life we have
here and think the Creator of that life probably doesn't mind what we
call It, just what we do to each other.

Christians of a certain type assume that unless one is saved, one is
damned to hell for all eternity. They literally do not comprehend that
non-Christians can have hope and love and all the benefits they assume
belong only to the " saved". I have hope that the Deity is not as narrow
as they teach, and that the sadism of hell is fiction.

In the myth of Pandora's box, the only spirit left inside and therefore
in human control is hope. All humans have hope in some form or another.
I hope that while I live I can help someone ease their pains and be back
on the optimism path. I hope that someday, maybe not in my lifetime, but
someday, people would cease hating others for believing differently than
themselves. I hope that people can see the good in each other, not the
bad for whatever reason. I hope that there will always be a spring where
the birds come and the tree frogs celebrate in peeping glee. I hope that
people will choose to show compassion, kindness and all the other traits
that are extolled in sacred texts but rarely taken to heart and
practiced daily.

But what about ME, about after I die? What then about my soul? Even in
the Bible the only one to judge my soul is God, not humans. I do not
believe that a merciful deity would have hell in the first place, much
less the endless one described by certain faiths. Many Wiccans believe
the afterlife is a rest stop between incarnations. No one knows for SURE
even if there is an afterlife. We all believe what someone has taught us
or what we have read by people we trust. But there is one certainty, We
all will find out if there is an afterlife sooner or later. The
Christian argument then goes to say isn't it better to be safely wrong
as a Christian than wrong as an unsaved person? I tell them I will take
my chances and be true to myself rather than be in a religion through
fear that also upholds things I believe strongly are wrong.

In dealing with Christians on this I try to point out that their Jesus
in His last sermon, His last teachings ot His followers ( the Sermon on
the Mount), he was talking about compassion, about love, not about
memorizing scripture and upholding the doctrine. He must have though
that was important to remember.

I chose not to be a Christian because, simply put, I do not believe in
some of the things they believe is unquestionably true. I think that as
a Christian of the "saved" type, I would have to kill parts of myself to
conform, warp my concept of right and wrong and live in constant concern
that I would be attacked by "satan".

Moe ( Fvrnite on Yahoo)

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