The Hope of Loey.

by Loey

I say I have hope that I can live as long and happy a life as possible, doing
what I enjoy, being with the people I love, and making a positive difference,
no matter how small. I don't need a god for that. And I don't much care
what happens after we die, if anything does. That's based on fear, not hope.

Part of this comes from the Christian belief that humans are a special,
unique creation of God, and we should feel like we're part of something
bigger than us and that we have some special purpose because of that. This
is a lot of why they're so against evolution - they believe it leads to
nihilistic self-hatred (they even blame it for school shootings).

I say I *am* part of something bigger. I'm part of the human race, part of
the universe. I don't need some grand, special purpose to give me hope or a
sense of importance. I just need to live well and appreciate the wonder of
the world around me.


"Nothing we do matters. All that matters is what we do."

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